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Why You Want to Drive Temperature-Controlled (Refrigerated) Units

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The transportation industry can’t afford to be at a standstill. The pandemic has already proved to the world that truckers are essential to the country. With businesses, hospitals, and more depending on the delivery of critical goods, it’s vital that truck drivers fill up vacancies and trucking job posts. If you’re wondering which jobs to choose, consider driving a reefer truck. Here’s why you’ll want a refrigerated trucking position.

Better Rates

You’ll find that transport refrigeration jobs offer better rates when you explore driving options. That’s because demand for refrigerated truck drivers is always moderate to high. The higher the demand, the more companies are willing to pay.

Job Security

The high demand for reefers also translates to job security. You won’t have to worry about losing work. As long asthere is demand for fresh goods, medical supplies, and other products that need to be refrigerated while they’re transported, you will always have a job, even during an economic downturn. That’s more than what many people had. Millions all over the world lost their jobs during the pandemic. Knowing that you can keep yours even while the rest of the world is out of kilteronly shows you how important your job is. No matter the climate or market conditions, your job security is high.

Longer Hours

Refrigerated truck drivers log in more hours on the road. That’s because their cargos won’t spoil. Dry haul truckers only log half of the hours that refrigerated truck drivers can. The longer driving hours give you plenty of chances to earn more money. If you’re up to the challenge, you’ll see your efforts rewarded. That’s a much better arrangement than many other jobs that require you to work overtime for little to no pay.


Fewer Deadhead Miles

When your truck isn’t transporting refrigerated goods, you might also find yourself doing dry haul runs. That’s one way to ensure you have fewer deadhead miles. You can turn off the generator and switch to dry goods if there’s no refrigerated load. That level of flexibility means you can generate more money on every mile you log.

Greater Freedom

The longer driving hours mean that you spend more time on the road. That could be a thrilling prospect. Not everyone can do a nine-to-five job. If you can’t see yourself spending hours on end in a cubicle or glued to a desk nine hours a day, five days a week, try being a truck driver. That sense of going off, of going from one state to the next, seeing sights, people, and parts of the country that not everyone gets to see—that could all be perfect for you.

Better Protection

The nature of the goods you’re transporting—fresh produce, medical supplies, and other temperature-sensitive materials—require specialized equipment to prevent spoilage. That’s why reefer trucks are much more protected than other trucking vehicles. Your cargo is more protected, so in the event of minor accidents, you won’t have to worry about the goods being spoiled or damaged.

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