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The Drainage Method of Siphonic Toilet Bidet

Siphonic Toilet Bidet

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The siphonic toilet bidet has an s-type drainage pipe. When the drainage pipe is filled with water, a certain water level difference will be generated. The suction generated by the flushing water in the sewage pipe of the toilet will be drained away. The flushing force is not caused by the water flow, so the pool has a large water surface and a small flushing noise. The siphonic toilet bidet can be divided into two types: vortex siphon and jet siphon.

Vortex siphon: The vortex siphon acts on the bottom side of the bathroom toilet bidet. When the toilet is flushed, the water flow forms a vortex along the wall of the pool. This will increase the flushing force of the water flow on the pool wall and enhance the suction of the siphoning effect, which is more conducive to discharge the dirt in the toilet bidet.

Jet siphon: Further improvements are made on the jet siphon toilet bidet. A jet sub-channel is added to the bottom of the toilet to align with the center of the drain. When the toilet is flushed, part of the water around the toilet flows out and is ejected from the jet orifice. This multiple bidet is based on the siphoning force and uses a large water flow force to quickly wash away the dirt.

Advantages: The advantage of the siphonic toilet bidet is that the flushing noise is small, which is called mute. In terms of flushing capacity, the siphon type easily washes away the dirt adhering to the surface of the toilet. Because the siphon water is higher, the deodorizing effect is better than the straight-through type. Now there are many kinds of siphon-type toilet bidet on the market so that there are more choices for buying the toilet bidet.


Disadvantages: Siphonic toilet bidet must first release water to a high surface before flushing, then flush the dirt down, so you must have a certain amount of water to achieve the purpose of flushing. At least it needs 8 to 9 liters of water at a time, which is relatively more expensive. And the siphon-type drain pipe diameter is about 5 or 6 centimeters, which is easy to block when flushing. So the toilet paper can not be directly thrown into the toilet. The siphon-type toilet bidet is usually equipped with paper baskets and tweezers.
When choose siphonic toilet bidet, you choose the convenience, tidyness. It will solve all your matters, helping you realize your ideas and giving you more satisfaction.

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