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Why Should You Go for ReactJS Development Services

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Why Should You Go for ReactJS Development Services

With all the available development frameworks and libraries, the frontend web development technology stack is extremely rich and diverse. For a business owner who wants to take his business online, choosing the right tools and platforms might be a bit of a struggle. To be on the safe side, investing in a ReactJS Development Services is an ideal option.

React is one of the rapidly-growing and extremely popular frontend libraries that have been constantly gaining traction among web developers as well as enterprises. Due to a plethora of benefits that React offers, it might eventually become the premier web development tool for business owners and developers.

This article highlights the major reasons to choose a ReactJS development company for your next project. But before jumping into the topic, let’s first understand what ReactJS is.

What is ReactJS?

React is defined as an efficient, declarative, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It allows you to create a simple, fast, and scalable frontend for web applications.


ReactJS is a relatively young development framework that has taken web development to a new level. ReactJS was initially developed as an internal tool by Facebook engineers and now it is available as an open-source tool which has led to its growth and adoption by many individual developers.

​According to the latest Stack Overflow Developer Survey, React is the most preferred among the development frameworks, libraries, and other technologies, voted by 66.9% of developers. Furthermore, it is also ranked as the third most wanted technology, according to this survey. This clearly shows that the library is not only highly rated by the web developer community, but is also high in demand among business leaders. All these facts are enough to encourage anyone to hire ReactJS developers from a professional ReactJS development company.

Which is Better – AngularJS Development vs ReactJS Development?

Despite their popularity, Angular vs React is still a hot topic of debate as to which one is better. Angular is a full-fledged MVC framework whereas React is a lightweight view library that normally needs to be complemented with tools like Flux and Redux to get a complete architecture. Both the tools can be used interchangeably within a single project, which is, however, not a good practice to follow to avoid violation of coding standards and best practices.

7 Biggest Reasons to Opt for ReactJS Development Services

More than 100,000 websites are currently using React and for good reasons. So, what makes React so popular? Let’s find out why:

1. ​Efficient Development Process — Reduced development time and higher quality

React allows developers to write modular and clean code and break the project into several components. This ensures code reusability which really increases developers’ productivity.

2. Flexible and easy to maintain

Unlike large complex projects, projects with a React codebase are easy to maintain and update because of its modular structure. React projects are extremely flexible and scalable. This significantly saves time and money for business owners in the long run.

3. Enhanced Performance of the app

Focusing on the app’s performance, the library’s core features, such as virtual DOM and server-side rendering assist you to develop large-scale apps that are extremely fast and high performing.

4. SEO friendly tool to boost the visibility of your site

Due to backend rendering, ReactJS leads to the development of SEO-friendly websites. Moreover, lightning-speed and high performance also contribute to better SEO and also improves the user experience.

5. Open-source, quality-rich toolset

As an open-source tool, React is free to use and open and for all. It has an extremely rich ecosystem, including some essential tools such as Flux or Redux and Node.js on the backend or a huge number of task-specific open-source libraries that are listed on npm.

6. Strong active community

Initially developed by Facebook, the library is supported and maintained by the company and over 1,000 independent contributors across the globe. It’s because of the diligent and proactive community and solid corporate support, React has emerged as the most reliable and up-to-date technology.

7. Seamless and easy transition to React Native

React Native is a mobile development framework, based on React. Thus, it is easy for React JS developers to switch to React Native and create mobile apps with a native look and feel. Moreover, some parts of your React web app can be reused in a React Native mobile app (mostly business logic), which improves the development speed.

So, these are some of the major reasons that are enough to convince anyone to hire ReactJS developers from a reputed ReactJS development company.

The Best ReactJS Use Cases and Point to Consider

It’s because of the above-mentioned benefits; ReactJS development services have gained popularity over the last few years. The number of websites using React is continuously increasing. Currently, some of the prominent websites such as Airbnb, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Salesforce, Twitter, Uber, WhatsApp, WordPress, Coursera, Reddit, Yahoo, Zendesk, HipChat, Expedia, etc., all rely on React.

The best use cases for React apps include:

  • Single-page applications (SPAs);
  • Large-scale projects;
  • Web applications that require dynamic page updating including chat apps, graphics sketching, data visualizations, like stocks info, or even online games); and
  • Complex UIs

Conversely, the use of React for static websites and blog websites could be unjustified. Therefore, React is suitable for certain industry verticals such as business, technology, travel, and shopping.


In today’s modern and rapidly-growing business environment, building your product with a future-proof and flexible technology stack could be a wonderful win-win situation. So, if you’re thinking to invest in ReactJS development services for your next project, hire ReactJS developers today!


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