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Why my QuickBooks Desktop crashing unexpectedly? Full Guide

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When developing a software application, stumbling into bugs and faults is practically inevitable. Users of QuickBooks, on the other hand, will inevitably run into problems with the software at some point. The QuickBooks Desktop application has abruptly closed, or there is an issue in QuickBooks that cannot be recover on your screen. These problems are quite typical, yet they are solvable with the assistance of a few straightforward strategies. If you’re having ongoing issues with the stability of your QuickBooks Desktop installation, read the steps outlined in this article to learn how to permanently resolve the problem.

If you are unable to solve the problem on your own, you can call our support line at 1-888-704-1357 to seek assistance from our team of qualified technicians in the event that you are unable to do so.

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What Causes the QuickBooks App to Continuously Crash?

In the event that your QuickBooks application suddenly closes without warning, the following factors could be at blame:

  • It’s possible that the problem is caused by an excessively lengthy company name that goes over the allowed length.
  • There is a possibility that the QBWUSER.INI file on your system is corrupted or is missing entirely.
  • This error message may also be brought on by corrupted software files or an improper installation of QuickBooks.
  • There is a problem with either the Windows operating system or the hard drive.

Taking Care of the QuickBooks Crash.com Error

Following these procedures will help you repair the difficulties and prevent the problem where QuickBooks continues crashing:


Step 1: Utilize Different QuickBooks Tool Hub utility

The QuickBooks Tool Hub is a fantastic feature that provides assistance in resolving problems and faults that may occur while using the application.

  • Select the Quick Fix my Program Tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub’s Program Problems tab if your instance of QuickBooks frequently terminates unexpectedly when attempting to open a company file.
  • Run the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool, which may be found under the Program Problems menu, to diagnose and repair problems with QuickBooks.
  • Use Clean Install Tool, which can be found in the tool center, to carry out a new installation of QuickBooks and eliminate the problem where QuickBooks unexpectedly closes.

Step 2: In order to fix the Windows components, you will need to do a manual repair.

Utilizing the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, which may download from the tool hub, repair the Windows components listed below.

  • Microsoft.Net Framework: From the Control Panel, repair the component of Windows that is responsible for the framework.
  • Microsoft MSXML — To manually fix this Windows component, run a diagnosis and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: Make the Necessary Adjusts to the QBWUSER.INI File by Changing the Name of the File

It’s possible that the QBWUSER.INI file on your computer is not in good shape if QuickBooks continues crashing. Please follow these instructions in order to fix the crash com error:

  • Launch the folder that houses the QBWUSER.INI file. And then navigate to the following location: Customers [Your User Name Here] AppDataLocalIntuitQuickBooks[Year].
  • In the event that you are unable to locate the file folder, you will need to make sure that hidden folders are enable.
  • You may fix the issue by selecting Rename from the context menu that appears when you right-click the QBWUSER.INI file.
  • Simply appending the extension.OLD to the end of the file name and pressing Enter will make the new name take effect.
  • Renaming the entitlementdatastore.ecml file will, in a similar fashion, fix the QuickBooks crash com issue.


In conclusion, the issue of QuickBooks keeps crashing frequently can be simply remedied with the assistance of a few measures that are proven to be helpful. If, after completing the steps, you are still unable to resolve the error. So please give our support team a call at 1-888-704-1357 so that they can assist you further.

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