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Why do young entrepreneurs get motivated by Dr Vivek Bindra?

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Dr Vivek Bindra has helped improve the quality of life of many people. Being one of the best entrepreneur speakers, he has motivated and helped several entrepreneurs in laying the foundation for growth and success in the business world. This is why young entrepreneurs of India idolise and follow him.

Dr Vivek Bindra is a motivational speaker, a thought leader, a business coach and a leadership trainer. He spent four years in Vrindavan after completing his MBA and specializes in spiriting and empowering people to realize their true potential. Millions of people have benefitted from his entrepreneurial workshops worldwide.

Dr Bindra is one of the best entrepreneur motivational speakers in India and has also been a pathfinder to many high-profile entrepreneurs and top-notch business entities by providing them with leadership excellence that has taken their organizations to the next level. He has provided CEO coaching to the top 100 CEOs in the country.

Through his prolific writings, Dr Bindra is helping people to bounce back in life and be more successful. He is also the author of several high-power motivational books. He has a world record of being the possessor of the World’s No. 1 Leadership & Entrepreneurial Channel on YouTube having a subscriber base of more than 19.3M and a viewership of more than 50 million. His videos are watched and are immensely popular in over 190 countries.


Ten Reasons why young entrepreneurs get motivated by Dr Vivek Bindra

  1. Dr Vivek Bindra is well-known for working on the ground-level problems of entrepreneurs. He understands their weak points and gives solutions through real-life examples to ensure the issues are put to ease.
  2. Young Indian entrepreneurs follow Dr Vivek Bindra’s videos and implement his strategies for growing their business. His YouTube channel is also termed a “Free Digital University” on Entrepreneurship.
  3. He has organized several events and seminars such as the Leadership funnel, Bounce Back and Everything about Entrepreneurship Summit, in which he has performed the role of a motivational speaker and business coach for solving the burning problems of entrepreneurs and providing them with powerful tips, strategies and frameworks that could benefit their business.
  4. Unlike other entrepreneur speakers, Dr Vivek Bindra delivers his speech in the Hindi language and his idealogy and examples are based on Bhagavad Gita. This connects well with young entrepreneurs. The Hindi language is understood well by entrepreneurs of every tier and they can easily understand the business strategies. Dr Bindra incorporates the principles of the Bhagwat Gita to provide the reasoning behind every point that he has spoken about.
  5. Dr Bindra ensures to provide actionable and executable examples that motivate young Indian entrepreneurs and leads them to successful business strategies that are straight away implementable.
  6. Dr Bindra inspires people to bring about a change in their lives and achieve their business goals. Among all entrepreneur motivational speakers and business coaches in Asia, he is probably the number one.
  7. The practical solutions provided by Dr Bindra to the most common and prominent business problems are most liked and preferred by the entrepreneur audience.
  8. His vision is to empower and excel entrepreneurs and help them expand their businesses not only in India but around the world. This will also help in making India economically stronger and take our country ahead on the path to becoming a developed nation.
  9. The energy and style of delivery of Dr Vivek Bindra make him one of the best motivational speakers in India. He values everyone’s time and money and therefore, delivers relevant and lots of content in less time. This is what the audience prefers.
  10. His personal story of becoming an entrepreneur and achieving success resonates with the business owners along with motivating them to follow his footprints and get inspired by his thought process.

Wrapping It Up

Not only the principles, strategies, solutions and content of Dr Vivek Bindra are very different from other entrepreneur speakers but also his energy makes him better than the rest. He is a business icon for Indian Entrepreneurs.

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