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Why are Students Asking for Essay Writing Help in the UK?

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Many universities often ask students to write different types of essays. This is mainly to complete academic requirements. It helps the students to understand different types of essays. Not all students know the various types of essays; hence, they often look for essay writing help in UK. This allows the student to understand a different kind of essay.

While studying, it has been observed that there are different kinds of essays, and the student should have an idea about them. This assists the students in taking care of all the requirements and scoring high grades.

What are an essay and their different kinds?

An essay is a focused piece of writing that mainly informs and persuades about a specific topic. There is various kind of essays, however, majorly of four types:

  • Argumentative
  • Expository
  • Narrative
  • Descriptive

The argumentative and expository essay mainly focuses on conveying all the information. Along with it, it makes clear points. However, narrative and descriptive essays it mainly concerns with writing and creativity. In other words, the essay is presented interestingly. However, an argumentative essay is the most common type. To write an efficient essay, it is important to ask for help with essay writing for university.


The different kinds of essay

Argumentative essay

Argumentative essays extend and present an evidence-based argument. This essay requires having a strong thesis statement. Along with this, it also defines the stance of the topic. The main aim is to convince the readers of the thesis using evidence such as analysis or quotation.

An argumentative essay also tests the ability of research and presents the idea about the position on a specific topic. It is one of the most common types of essays at the college level as one or more papers have some argumentation. Students often get confused; hence they ask for essay writing help in UK.

This essay is mainly divided into three parts introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • The introduction provides information about the topic and thesis statement
  • On the other hand, the body presents arguments and evidence.
  • In addition, the conclusion summarizes the arguments and emphasizes their importance.

Expository essay

It is an important essay as it provides a focused and clear explanation of the topic. However, it provides an original argument about the topic. It is important to have more balance and different views on the topic.

This kind of essay is important as it helps to test the familiarity of the subject and the topic. Along with this, it also helps to organize and convey information. It is more common in high school or at the college level.

The introduction of the essay states the topic, and then in the body section, it provides general background. In addition, the body provides details of all the information present. The last section, the conclusion, summarizes all the information. Many students face problems while writing an expository essay. Hence, they take help with essay writing for university.

Narrative essay

This kind of important essay. In this kind of essay, the student tells a story. This story might be about anything. It might be about a personal experience or any imaginative exploration.

This kind of essay tests the ability to build an adequate narrative engagingly. An adequate structure is also present. This kind of essay is way more personal and creative than other essays. A narrative essay is strictly divided into introduction, conclusion, and body. It helps to get an idea about personal experience and present it engagingly.

Descriptive essay

A descriptive essay provides information about a situation. Similarly to narrative essays, it creates engaging creative writing along with academic writing. In this essay, the student mostly describes a specific place and object rather than a whole story.

The language of the descriptive essay tests the ability to use the language creatively. It also helps to present the data effectively and interestingly. It does not have a good structure or follow a structure. Using the words carefully and presenting them with original work is important.

Literary analysis

This is an important type of essay; it requires close reading of the text. In addition, it explores the author’s choice and how it conveys the theme. This essay presents the background, text, and introduction.

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