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What is the best treatment for spider veins in Dubai?

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Visual representation of Spider veins

Spider or varicose veins can have an impact beyond just your look. These veins can be quite uncomfortable. You might develop complications from some varicose veins, such as blood clots or open sores on your hands and legs. These veins can be eliminated or diminished using minimally invasive therapy. Additionally, spider veins treatment in Dubai might lessen side effects including pain and exhaustion while avoiding problems.

What are Spider Veins?

Varicose veins occur right under your skin and are enlarged, bulging veins. It is a typical condition that affects more women than males. The veins in your legs and feet are the ones that are most frequently affected, however any vein might theoretically develop varicose conditions. 

Veins in our bodies come in two different types: superficial veins, which are located near the outside, and deep veins, which are located inside. Varicose veins often develop in the superficial veins. The deeper interior veins might, in extremely rare instances, also develop varicose veins. The problem can effectively be treated with spider veins treatment in Dubai.

Causes of Spider Veins:

Varicose vein symptoms include the following:



As you grow older, your body’s veins become less elastic. Additionally, they deteriorate and may fail to return blood to your heart. Your veins widen as a result of blood pooling inside them and begin to seem blue since they are transporting a lot of de-oxygenated blood.


Pregnancy is one of the causes of spider veins. When you are pregnant, the blood flow from your legs to your pelvis may occasionally be decreased. The weight gain from the growing fetus puts more strain on your legs’ veins, causing them to widen. Pregnancy-related hormonal changes are another issue.

Valve defects or damage: 

Your veins may enlarge and become more noticeable if the valves in your veins are unable to return blood to your heart and lungs.

You Might Be a Candidate

  • If you have spider veins, you may be a good candidate for spider veins treatment in Dubai.
  • Lessening the prominence of spider veins is your goal.
  • You desire quick, painless, and immediate spider vein removal.
  • Both your physical and mental wellness are excellent.
  • A surgical operation is not something you want to perform.

How you get ready

Your doctor does a physical examination and obtains your medical history prior to the surgery.

inspection of the body

Your physician will:

  • Analyze the affected veins
  • Examine your blood vessels for any underlying diseases.

Medical background

Your doctor will inquire about your medical background, including any of the following:

  • ailments that have just occurred or current medical issues like a heart condition or a history of blood clots
  • Your current prescriptions or dietary supplements, particularly aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, and other brands), naproxen sodium (Aleve, Anaprox Ds), blood thinners, iron supplements, or herbal supplements.
  • Allergies
  • Varicose veins previously treated and the outcomes of that therapy

Your doctor may advise you to cease taking aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, or blood thinners for a specific period of time before spider veins treatment in Dubai in order to lower the risk of bleeding.


Your doctor can ask for ultrasound imaging of the veins in your legs depending on which veins are implicated. Ultrasound is a painless process that creates pictures of inside body structures using sound waves.


The most frequent method of treating spider veins is sclerotherapy, which may be carried out in an office setting. A solution is directly injected into the veins during the operation, causing them to tighten and shut. The spider veins “disappear” when blood is diverted to healthy veins and stops flowing through them. Within a few weeks, the collapsed vein is reabsorbed by your body. Multiple sessions of sclerotherapy may be necessary for bigger veins or situations that are more difficult to treat. To observe the full effects, it can take three to four months.

There are several injection options available. The salt concentration solution known as hyper-tonic saline is popular and highly efficient. It is the least expensive choice and presents no allergy risk. However, saline solution injections into veins frequently result in a severe burning sensation. In spider veins treatment in Dubai the saline solution is frequently combined with the anesthetic lidocaine to assist reduce pain.

The inject-able solutions Sotradecol and Asclera are two more. The injections are often painless and offer a more comfortable experience, despite the fact that sclerotherapy with these solutions is more expensive. They are FDA-approved and have been demonstrated to be equally effective as hyper-tonic saline.

It takes less than an hour to perform sclerotherapy, and you may go back to your regular activities the same day. Like with any treatment that involves injections, the injection site may experience some minor bruising or skin discoloration, but these side effects should go away after a few weeks. Additionally, you might be told to wear compression bandages or stockings for around two weeks after spider veins treatment in Dubai to keep the treated veins compressed. Treatment-responsive veins often do not recur.

Aftercare Guidelines

Following your spider vein treatment in Dubai, you must adhere to a few rules to safeguard your skin. These guidelines consist of

  • For a speedy and pain-free recovery, dress simply and comfortably.
  • Avoid exposing the treated area to the sun’s rays.
  • Regularly take the medications that your doctor has recommended.
  • They shouldn’t dress revealingly or wear heels with high heels. 
  • They should sit with their legs raised. Both drinking and smoking should be avoided.
  • After receiving treatment for varicose veins, they shouldn’t gain weight. 
  • For at least two weeks, they should refrain from engaging in intense activity and carrying heavy things.

Choose Us:

Get treated today for spider veins treatment in Dubai from board qualified and skilled dermatologists. Because finding a dermatologist, cosmetic or vascular surgeon who is board qualified and skilled in the treatments is not easy. You might require extra testing if you have a personal or family history of clotting, bleeding, or big varicose veins. 


How many sessions are required to remove spider veins?

For the greatest outcomes, the majority of patients need 2-4 treatments. Most patients often observe results for smaller spider veins in three to six weeks. Results, however, could not be apparent for three to four months following treatment for bigger spider veins.

Why do my veins seem worse now that I’ve had sclerotherapy?

After the procedure, you’ll probably appear worse since the medication leaves behind tiny welts that resemble mosquito bites. Be not disheartened! The true benefits of proper spider vein therapy only become apparent after the subsequent sessions.

What is the price of sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy typically costs AED 650. Compression stockings and the doctor’s cost are typically included. Leg vein therapy with a laser typically costs AED 900.

Who should avoid receiving this treatment?

Spider veins treatment in Dubai may also not be appropriate for those who are nursing, pregnant, or on bed rest. People must wait three months after giving birth before receiving sclerotherapy.

How long does sclerotherapy typically last?

The effects of sclerotherapy are often both long-lasting and transient. These outcomes can be long-lasting since the treated veins will disappear, but they can also be transient because new varicose or spider veins might appear with time.

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