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What is Flutter? Top 8 Advantages of using Flutter

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What is Flutter?

In the last few years, we have seen an increasing number of Technology startups across the globe. As a result, there created a demand for software Development kits. Flutter is an open-source mobile SDK developer, that can use to build ios and android from a single source code. It is based on the Dart programming language. Google made an official launch in December 2018.

Before seeing the advantages of Flutter, we will see the top apps build using Flutter Technology.

Top apps Build using Flutter

  1. Google ads
  2. Xianyu by Alibaba
  3. Klaster me
  4. Reflectly
  5. Postmuse 
  6. Take your seat
  7. Lunching
  8. Pairing
  9. Watermaniac
  10. Cryptograph


Top 8 Advantages of using Flutter:

       1. Single codebase:

Flutter is a cross-platform development tool. It helps programmers to write code once and use it through different platforms. That means software developers can use the same code base for Android and ios apps. So, it eliminates the need for writing separate code for platforms such as android and ios. It saves a lot of time and resources.

       2. Fully custom UI:

Flutter makes the app user-friendly and also easily customizable with plenty of libraries and tools including material design, Cupertino widgets, rich motion APIs, and so on. It simplifies and speeds up the process of creating a simple user interface.

       3. Compatible and flexible:

Flutter provides best-in-class support for creating expressive and flexible mobile UI with the availability of widgets. It also helps in making a responsive app that looks and feels the same across multiple device sizes.

       4. Quick launch:

Flutter will help you deploy and launch the app faster than you think due to the single codebase and availability of plugins and libraries.

       5. Scalability:

When it comes to scalability, Flutter uses Google’s Firebase which helps in making the apps more scalable and increases the app performance. It can handle increased market demand and adapt to every business need.

       6. Quick testing:

Every Developer would love it if testing became simpler. As Flutter uses one codebase, it makes the process of testing more simpler and faster. The developer doesn’t have to invest a long time in the testing process.

       7. Large community support:

From its first release till now, Flutter had 81,200 Stars on Github. Due to the friendly developer community, experts and beginners are ready to share their knowledge and experience. Moreover, Google organizes several events, helping both startups and established businesses to catch up, discuss, or learn how the Flutter app help to grow businesses.

       8. Using Dart as a programming language:

Dart is an object-oriented programming language that Flutter uses to build applications. Dart is similar to Java and borrows certain elements from other programming languages. Due to its similarities to java and other programming languages, it makes it simple for developers to work with Flutter.


You come to the last Part

Before concluding, I want to convey something. Flutter is one of the most innovative mobile technology in the current market that you looking for. Many startups and business owners want to build their apps using flutter technology. For example, We have built an uber clone. Wait! wondering what is uber clone app? Uber clone is a taxi Booking platform like uber. It is built using flutter technology to provide a seamless experience to users. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to build an app like uber. We help you to build your customized uber clone app.

Thanks for reading this Blog. I hope this gives you a clear understanding of Flutter.

Regards: www.worldpresslive.com/

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