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What Consequences Will I Face If I Don’t Change My Refrigerator Filter?

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Changing the water filter on time seems quite a daunting task. It is tough for homeowners to understand when they should change their filters and how often they should complete the task. Have you ever thought about how the car’s engine is damaged when you forget to replace the air filter? Similarly, when you ignore changing the Samsung da29-00003g refrigerator filter for years, you will go through lots of complications. That’s why it is suggested to change the water filter at regular intervals to maintain the performance of the refrigerator filter. The below section will briefly discuss the consequences of not changing water filters.

Do I Need To Change The Water Filter?

Do you remember the last time you changed the water filter? If you haven’t been reminded of the last date, it means you need it right now! Changing the water filter is critical for maintaining the cleanliness of the water. The water filter plays a strong role in eliminating the dust and viruses that keep you away from respiratory health issues. An ideal BB9-2 Water filter prevents unwanted molecules from drinking water and makes it fresh and safe to consume. As per the manufacturers, it is always suggested to change the refrigerator filter within 6 months. The refrigerator filters ensure you enjoy the water with safe parameters. No matter which brand of refrigerator filter, it should be changed or replaced within 2 to 3 times a year.

Replacing the refrigerator filter helps to cleanse your system and reduce the contaminants that increase the life expectancy of the refrigerator. In the below section, we will share the type of filters and How to Change Refrigerator Filter on your own.

Types Of Refrigerator Water Filters And Ways To Change Them:

Every refrigerator filters use ion exchange, carbon filtration & reverse osmosis. Most refrigerators have filters that use carbon filtration that eliminates all the impurities. The refrigerator filters are designed differently for various purposes. Well, no matter the design, the job role is the same. Well, you can’t use any refrigerator filter on any refrigerator brand. Different refrigerator brands have different models, so it is necessary to check the user manual before buying a specific refrigerator appliance.

Changing The Twist-On Fridge Water Filters

The first step to changing the refrigerator filter is to locate the twist on the fridge water filter. This is sometimes located inside the drawer or on the backside. If you have this type of refrigerator filter, here is how you can change this. Here we mentioned the owner’s manual for specific instructions.

  • In the first stage, keep a dish on underneath to catch the water drops
  • Twist the filter counterclockwise in a 1/4 turn.
  • Now pull out the filter but make sure to be gentle with your hands
  • Replace the old water filter and change it to a new one
  • Push the new filter and turn clockwise until it sets well into position.

Changing Push-In Fridge Water Filters

The push-in water filter has a spring inside and works in the push-in case. Before replacing the water filter on your own, check the user manual for instructions.

  • Before starting the procedure, place a towel underneath to catch any water drop
  • Now release the spring that holds the filter, and you can do this by pushing the button or the filter.
  • Now, take the filter case out and remove the cap.
  • This is the time to put the cap on to the replacement filter.
  • Now replace and push the new filter back and set them until it locks well.

Apart from this, many fridge filters require special attention and tools to replace the water filter. You can ask the professionals if you feel you are not enough to complete this job. But before that, pick the best fridge filter that meets your refrigerator brand. Choose the best online stores and place your order soon before the discount season ends.

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