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Usage of expansion joints in piping systems

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Expansion bellows for pipe

Expansion joints are used for efficiently absorbing vibration. They help in holding construction materials part altogether and permit for movement of the materials. Expansion bellows for pipe absorb terminal movement or thermal expansion because here usage of expansion loops is not desirable. Expansion bellows are available in different materials and shapes in the market. Read this blog to explore more about expansion bellows.

What are expansion joints?

Expansion joints are specially designed to absorb dimensional changes in steel ducts and pipes. These changes are usually heat-induced contraction or expansion, vibrations resulting from rotating machinery, misalignment at the time of installation, pressure deformations or building settlements. There are so many terms used for expansion joints like expansion bellow, compensator and flexible joints.

The materials like rubber and metal are the most versatile for usage. The internal structure of expansion joints can withstand the internal pressure of your system yet is flexible enough to provide lateral, axial and angular deflections.

Why are expansion joints used in pipelines?

Expansion bellows for pipes are very important for the whole piping system. These bellows are used widely in industries where thermal expansion occurs in the piping system. These bellows provide benefits of lessening stress in the piping system caused by thermal expansion. They also help in reducing pipe loads at the connections to various sensitive equipment like steam turbines and pumps. If taken together expansion bellows acts beneficial to the long service life of the pipe system and also reduces downtime risk for extra repairing and maintenance. Most pipe designers and engineers install expansion bellow into the piping system. Expansion bellow for pipes adds great flexibility to their design and even reduces cost by eliminating the complexity of guides. They lessen the overall space needed for your piping system. Expansion bellows are much more effective than their alternatives like pipe bends or pipe loops because of their greater capacity to conserve space and provide the best performance to absorb large movements.


Where expansion joints are used?

Expansion bellows are perfect to get installed in turbines, heat exchangers and long pipe ducts or pipe systems. They are considered vital components in several industries.

> Energy sector

> Petrochemical plants

> Process Industry

Different types of expansion joints/bellows?

There are two types of expansion bellow used. Those are:

a) Metallic expansion joints

Metallic expansion joints are specially installed in various pipe works and duct systems for preventing damage caused by vibration, thermal growth and other things. You can find a wide range of metallic expansion joint options. The material usually includes stainless steel & nickel alloy steel.

b) Rubber expansion joints

Rubber expansion joints offer stress relief in your piping systems. When flexibility for thermal changes can not be designed in a pipe system, expansion joints are used. Rubber expansion joints can compensate for torsional, lateral and angular movements.

So, you must have seen how important a role expansion joints play in piping systems. These bellows come in a broad variety of shapes and designs. Expansion bellow for pipes can be used for piping applications where highly corrosive chemicals & acids are tacked. You can reach out to a leading supplier of expansion bellows.

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