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Types of Birthday Cakes—Florist Chennai

Types of Birthday Cakes—Florist Chennai

by Florist Chennai
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Gift delivery in Chennai – It’s hard to choose a birthday cake that—if not everyone—at least the birthday person likes. They may like a tonne of whipped cream on their cake, or just a simple one with no design.

So, with that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of amazing cake ideas that you can choose from.

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Red Velvet Cake

Due to its greater chocolatey, buttery, silky, and moist qualities as well as its attractive appearance, many people prefer red velvet cake over traditional chocolate cake.


Its velvety (smooth) texture is how it gets its name. Also, this is the perfect addition if you adore cream cheese frosting.

A well-baked red velvet cake is not just an ordinary cake with red food colouring. It is perfect for holiday-themed sweets like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween as well.

Assorted Pastries Cake

This one is for those who haven’t figured it out yet about their favourite cake flavours.

Assorted pastries cake is a delicious mixture of different types of flavoured cakes. It comes with a variety of pastries assorted in the shape of a cake, with which you can taste almost all the flavours of cakes and no one in the party will be disappointed.

Kids Cake

For children, birthdays are a fun and exciting occasion. The children are eager to celebrate their birthdays with all of their friends. Their birthdays are significant occasions. So, arranging a cute cake must be on your list when you celebrate a child’s birthday. Get the best service of Gift delivery in Chennai.

You can make their day delightful with amazing cake options available on the internet, such as cartoon photo cakes (for example, angry birds), cartoon character shaped cakes such as Barbie, toy shaped cakes like cars, trains, and last but not least, nature cakes like butterfly, jungle, rainbow, etc.

Dry Fruits Cake

Dry fruit cakes are full of dried or candied fruit and nuts. Many health-conscious people prefer dry fruit cakes, and also the flavour of dry fruits is combined in a moist cake, which is what most people love about these cakes.

They typically do not contain any food coloring, creams, or other additives. They are simple yet tasty. So, if you know someone who is not fond of normal cakes, then this is the one.

Dry fruits are combined with vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, and many other flavours. Besides, you can find dryfruit cakes with mango fruit, pineapple, and other combinations as well.

Photo Cakes

Who doesn’t like personalised cake? Photo cakes are one of them, and they are becoming more and more popular. You can add an edible photo of the person on the cake.

They come in various flavours and shapes as well. Photo cakes can be your best choice if you don’t have enough time to select a cake.

Flower Cakes

Flower cakes are common but not so common. They come in hundreds of varieties, such as basket and flower shape, only flower shape, and cake with many tiny flowers on it.

They look beautiful and elegant and can win over anyone. So, they are suitable not only for birthdays but for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other special day.

Summing Up

One of the most popular treats in the world, cake is available in many different flavours and shapes. Cakes are delightful and elegant sweets that make every celebration worth celebrating.

So, choosing one for that one special occasion can be difficult. For that reason, we’ve compiled this list of cakes for you.

Also, get a glimpse of amazing cakes for any occasion and get online cake and flower gift delivery in Chennai with Florist Chennai.

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