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Top 7 Home Buyer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

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The thought of purchasing your first home has come to be associated with a wide range of emotions, including anticipation, anxiety, fear, joy, and just about every other feeling. Anyone who willingly attempts it will, at the very least, have an overwhelming experience. While the procedure is undoubtedly heightened for first-time buyers, even seasoned investors have occasionally found it to be difficult. Every deal has so many moving components that if you aren’t a little cautious, you are merely deluding yourself.

There are a lot of things to be considered before buying an affordable or luxury apartment for sale in Dubai. Gaining all the knowledge you require prior to purchasing a house is essential to avoiding any mistakes and hurdles. Consult your team of real estate experts to get ready for the future. So that you can avoid potential pitfalls and enjoy a smooth journey to homeownership, take a look at these common home buyer mistakes.

Mistake#1 – Buying a Home Beyond Your Means

Although it is wonderful to receive a mortgage pre-approval for a higher loan than you had anticipated, you shouldn’t take out a mortgage that size. More than your lender, you are aware of how much you can comfortably pay for housing each month.

To figure out how much you can afford for real estate, create a budget that takes your monthly income, regular costs, and savings objectives into account. These things are crucial especially if you’re buying a luxury apartment for sale in Dubai. Inadequate home purchases can lead to homeownership stress and make it difficult to achieve other financial objectives.


Try sticking to that budget for a few months and adding the additional housing expense to your savings if you believe you can afford more than what you are presently paying in rent. Before committing, you can determine whether the monthly housing cost is comfortable for you and how it will affect your finances.

Mistake#2 –  Not Considering All Home Buying Expenses

The majority of your house savings goals will be covered by your down payment, but it’s not the only expense to take into account. Several closing charges are your responsibility when you purchase a house.
Closing costs may consist of the following:

  1. Down payment
  2. Origination costs for loans
  3. Title insurance
  4. Residence insurance
  5. insurance for a private mortgage
  6. Escrow fees  property taxes

You should also put money aside for your intended move. For expert movers, this might only be a few hundred dollars. You might also wish to buy new kitchen appliances or put up a fence. Once you’ve decided on a ready or off-plan project for sale, you’ll be able to more accurately estimate your moving fees, but plan for these additional charges up front.

Mistake#3 – Going for Higher Down Payment Schemes

It’s a prevalent myth in real estate and finance that you need a 20% down payment to purchase a home, but this is untrue.

If you have the means, putting down a higher amount of money can lower your interest rate, lower your monthly payment, and enhance your equity. If not, you can finance your entire mortgage or put as little as 3% down on a house. The down payment and credit score criteria for various loans vary, and none of them begin at 20%.

Determine your ideal down payment depending on your financial objectives and spending plan. Don’t be deterred by the high down payments made by other buyers since you don’t want to use up all of your savings on a down payment.

Mistake#4 – Making A Decision Based On Emotion

There is nothing prohibiting you from developing an emotional connection to a home, but when you allow that attachment to determine the terms of a purchase, you are breaking a cardinal rule. You should base every transaction you consciously enter on one thing: the numbers. The figures must be in line with your budget and your objectives for the property. You ought to be aware of how much the contested property ought to sell for, assuming you’ve done the necessary study. Your connection should never enable you to overpay for a home compared to its market value. At that time, you are ensuring that you receive the uncut end of the deal.

You will be less likely to let your emotions guide your judgments if you recognise there will be other houses to come around. To avoid becoming overly attached, it is advisable to visit several properties in Dubai that you are interested in or have on your list. When you take into account other residences in the equation, your mind is more likely to make the right decision.

Mistake#5 – Finding a House by Yourself

The development of technology, particularly the Internet, has made finding a home much simpler than it once was. There are numerous websites whose sole aim is to assist you in finding the house of your dreams. Their existence has, however, both aided and hampered those seeking to purchase. The overwhelming number of residences that are instantly accessible will undoubtedly startle viewers and may cause analysis paralysis.

Whether you’re buying a villa, townhouse or a luxury apartment for sale in Dubai, it is advisable to get assistance from a professional real estate agency, instead of browsing through thousands of listings.

Mistake#6 – Exclusively Working With The Listing Agent

The listing agent acts in the seller’s best interest. They play a crucial role in the sale of a house, yet, as their name implies, they represent the individual who is listing the house. Their deepest desire is to sell the house for the price the owner has set. Therefore, they receive greater commission checks when the home sells for more money. They are essentially attempting to sell the house for the maximum price, which is something first-time homebuyers certainly aren’t too fond of. So any first-time buyer would be foolish to start any dealings through the listing agent.

The buyer is represented by a buyer’s agent. Their experience might easily save you more on the purchase than what it would cost to hire them, even though their services would undoubtedly cost you more. They help you significantly with price negotiations, presenting the buyer with all relevant listings, and putting purchasers in touch with other service providers like inspectors and lenders, etc.

Mistake#7 – Obtaining Mortgage Pre-Qualification Without Pre-Approval

Mortgage pre-qualification is not a promise, but it can give you an idea of the types of loans and interest rates you may qualify for. A letter of mortgage pre-approval from the bank gives you the purchasing power to make an offer on a home and guarantees the mortgage amount and interest rate. If you’re serious about purchasing a home, you need a letter of mortgage pre-approval.

Too many first-time homebuyers make this mistake of not getting their purchase pre-approve. Sellers are more likely to accept bids from buyers whose loan applications have already been accept for a certain amount. So, there is a lower chance of the deal unraveling. It is therefore advisable to obtain a pre-approval letter from your bank at least three months in advance. 


Purchasing your first house is an exciting milestone in your life that provides security, comfort, and financial advantages. You can host family for holiday dinners there, gather with friends to celebrate major victories, and watch your family expand all under one roof.

Without feeling overwhelmed, enjoy the unique experience of purchasing a property. Next Level Real Estate can make the process of purchasing a property simpler and assist you in finding the home of your dreams.

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