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Top 10 best Magento 2 extensions of 2022

What are the top 10 best Magento Extensions that can boost sales?

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Top 10 Magento 2 extensions

Magento 2 has taken almost more than 5 years now.  In this post, we are going to know about the top 10 best Magento 2 Extensions that can boost sales. Opposite to criticism the e-commerce store has proven every time itself as the preferable choice for e-commerce store owners with websites. The free version is very complete but relies on modules for must-have functionalities. I am sharing a handle overview of the best Magento 2 Extensions.

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Why do you need attention when choosing Magento 2 extensions?

The Magento 2 platform offers you allow to 1000 Extensions. The available extension’s quality varies widely. Because of this, it’s important to make a comprises a combination. I pay attention to a variety of things in order to separate the good extensions from the bad ones. It’s essential to pick extensions that correspond to as many of the following conditions as you can.


What have other customers said about the extensions? In order to find answers, search Google, Github, Magento Marketplace, and the website of the module manufacturer. Be cautious of false reviews.


The Developers: 

Do they have any associations or qualifications, and is the developer reputable? You can, in any event, determine whether there is sufficient and timely backing for the smaller parties.


Does the extension work with the most recent Magento version? And how many updates have been released so far? You can check the ‘change logs’ or the version number on how frequently an update is released to see whether this is the case.


How exactly should the extension be set up? Can you use composer, for example, or does this require a download?

Speed of store:

External modules have a big impact on how quickly your web store loads. Ensure that your page speed rankings don’t fall too far.

Quality of code: 

When looking to buy, review the source code or view a demo of the extension. The module’s organization—is it orderly or an interrupt?


Do the extension’s installation and configuration provide enough documentation? A poor development process is frequently reflected by a lack of documentation.

Many extensions simply lack documentation, are poorly developed or maintained, and have compatibility issues. Because of this, it is always wise to create reliable backups before adding an extension. I also recommend you fully test your online store and look for errors. When installing extensions, please be careful.

1. Google Tag Manager Improved Ecommece Magento 2 Extensions 

Work: integration with GTM, Improved E-commerce, Ads through the data layer

For accurate insights, it’s critical to gather information from customers that visit your web store. But also so that you may continue to target these visitors with your marketing platforms, like Facebook Ads, Instagram, or Google Ads. Magento enables a simple Google Tag Manager or Analytics integration. You can utilize Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking to go one step further. Google Tag Manager and significant data layer integration are provided by this module.

A potential use case would be to track the customer-life-time-value of each visitor as a custom dimension, allowing you to target customers who spend the most in your online store with competitive remarketing bids. The module also gives users the choice of working in GDPR compliance. a fundamental requirement for any business that wishes to run on data.

2. Products Feed Export

Work : Creating fitered custum product feed 

For their products to be accessible on other platforms like Google Shopping, Amazon, or Bol, almost every online store needs to have a feed. For this, you can use Channable, but you can also use Product Feed Export without having to pay a subscription fee. With this module, you have the option to create your own feed format or select from a variety of themes.

A lot of flexibility is provided by the extension when determining which products should be included in the feed and in what data format.

3. Social login Magento 2 Extension 

Work: Log in with their social media profile 

Your customers will sign up or log in even more quickly if you use the free social login plugin. Customers can now log in to the store online using their social network profile without having to create a password. Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Microsoft profiles are among those that are supported. Faster checkout leads to higher conversion rates when there is less login concern. 

4. Search Elastic Ultimate

Work: Expand and improve the search function

You may make sure that Magento’s weak search functionality is significantly improved with the numerous Search Ultimate plugins. Elasticsearch and Sphinx are compatible with the module. You have a number of helpful features in addition to a more accurate display of the correct results, including an autocomplete that provides instant suggestions, the capacity to choose the search fields, the ability to check for typos and spelling errors, the ability to use synonyms and landing pages, and the ability to manipulate the results by certain products to take priority others. For stores with a wide selection, this module is a true requirement.

5. Google page-speed optimization

Work: Optimize the speed of every page of the Magento store. 

Many Magento 2 eCommerce store’s loading times are much slower than they should be. Magento 2 is a somewhat complex system, and without the proper configuration, your web store won’t load quickly. Both conversion and Google rankings suffer as a result.

Using Google Page Speed Optimizer is helpful in addition to installing Server, Varnish cache, and the basic settings to make your webshop quick enough. This module includes helpful features to increase speed and your PageSpeed score, like lazy loading of pictures, the web format, and the bundling and optimization of JS, CSS, and HTML.

6. Banner slider Magento 2 Extensions 

Work: Create an eye-catching banner for any page of the store

This extension allows store owners to put up attractive product banners of offers discounts and limit the time period of any products and services. This can help you to attract customers and they can stop their eyes for a few seconds to just look at those banners. You can use the MagentoBrain banner slider extension to engage more customers with specific products.  

It can manage to stay more customers for any specific product or bunch of products. If banners are eyes catching then users want to stay to look closely at those offers and ways of offering. This can make the deals of the day whenever users visit your e-commerce store. 

7. WhatsApp chat Magento 2 Extensions 

Work: To directly clear doubt about anything on WhatsApp

Online customers are using a chat apps like WhatsApp to communicate. It can use also use as a quick chat option for those customers who are seeking to ask instantly by text instead of waiting to call a customer representative. Use MagentoBrain’s WhatsApp chat extension to engage with more users within less time. 

It helps to interact with customers quickly without investing more time in the store. It can make the chances of leading sales just by answering on WhatsApp. 

8. Auto Invoice Magento 2 Extension 

Work: To eliminate manually generated Invoice 

Auto Invoice allows generating a quick invoice after the checkout option. It generates quick options for users to see what the final checkout is. Helps customers to know the final value instantly without waiting for a manual invoice. 

Useful for invoice and shipment generation. Auto changes order status to complete the order which can enhance the user experience. Use auto invoice to generate Invoices instantly which takes less time than manual action.

9. Product labels Magento 2 Extension 

Work: show off big product stickers and labels

So-called product labels are required in a large-variety web store to clarify the differences between the items. Your products stand out because of Product Labels’ unique labels. You can specify which products are new or on sale, for instance, using the extension.

10. Magento 2 Multiple store view pricing

Work: more than one price for store views

The ideal way if you want to support multiple nations and languages from the same Magento installation is to establish multiple store views. The price per store view for a product cannot be determined using Magento, though. Although it is frequently required, prices should vary per country rather than being the same everywhere. With the help of BSS Commerce, you may control your own price and currency for each store view (and therefore for each nation or language).

Covering Up

You should have had enough motivation to get started on your own after reading the summary of the suggested extension. Consider the potential impact of each module on your store online and decide if these benefits outweigh the time and work required to install, configure, and integrate the extension.


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