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There are Endless Ways to Improve Home Decor with Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are natural stone flooring options that have delivered beauty and durability to homes for many years.

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Evolving home decor trends inspire homeowners to leverage the enormous benefits of contemporary lifestyle accessories, including modern tile styles. There are countless tiles options to choose from for that desired, luxurious touch to home interiors and exteriors, and choosing the right tiles at times could be tricky. Most home renovators recommend Travertine stone tiles as the best pick for home flooring, paving, and wall designs for its top- notch design elements that range from vibrant colors to textures and patterns. Travertine Tile flooring may be the perfect decision for homeowners to ensure that timeless flooring alternative for the appearance that everybody appreciates.  

Travertine tiles have an irresistible rustic charm, as the tiles are an outcome of natural travertine stone, which is actually a type of limestone that forms around mineral spring deposits. The tiles are available in various earth tones while finished in polished, honed, and tumbled textures. Primarily used for flooring and paving purposes, travertine tiles can also feature in a bathroom shower, a kitchen countertop and backsplash, or even a garden pathway.  

Travertine stone has innate characteristics that may not be the right fit for every homeowner. Therefore, to help decide if the travertine stone tiles should be in your home, we break down the few benefits and quirks of travertine tiles. 

Advantages of Installing Travertine Tile Flooring 


Durability: Travertine tile floors are the most durable floors that can stay intact for long, as travertine has a measure of hardness rating equivalent to that of marble. Therefore, travertine pavers and tiles are capable of confronting even the heaviest of traffic across a commercial area or home.  

Dynamics: Travertine tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, as these tiles can resist temperature fluctuations effectively. Travertine tiles are great at reflecting light, which makes them the right candidate for kitchen areas. Besides, natural pores on the tile’s surface allow air to always pass through, making travertine tiles a unanimous choice for wet and humid areas as well.  

Natural: Contrasted with different tile variants, travertine tiles assure a progressively fantastic feel and look to both exteriors and interiors. Travertine tiles deliver natural beauty and elegance to any space around the home or office. Natural color variations formed in a million years, with natural minerals adding excellence to these tiles. 

Color: Travertine tiles are available in a wide range of natural shades, primarily white, tan, cream, dark brown, beige, and golden. The natural stone tiles variant recently added various complimentary shades, including red, pink and orange, with dark veins throughout the travertine tile. 

Finishes: Travertine flooring is an excellent option for pool- sides, as the tile’s surface is not slippery and does not get excessively hot or cold. Numerous Surface Options like Honed, Filled, Brushed, Chiseled, Tumbled, Filled, and Polished make travertine tiles a perfect choice for any remodeling project.  

Convenience: Travertine tiles are easy to replace. All required is to find a similar tile and replace it with the old/ damaged one. The tiles are also much easier to cut into any shape to fit easily in small areas. Besides, Travertine material is Eco Friendly too. 

What are you waiting for? Visit the exclusive Travertine collection at a store near you and play with numerous flooring ideas for your next home/ office décor project. 

Every good thing has a bad side too, but fortunately, travertine tiles are more on the good side. 

Disadvantages of Travertine Tile Flooring 

Staining: Textured surface of travertine tiles is prone to stains, as spilled liquids seep into pores on the surface and stain it. The tiles, therefore, need consistent sealing during installation for a longtime, stable glossy look. Regular application of a penetrating sealer and then a barrier surface sealer can help protect travertine tiles from stains. 

Weight: Travertine tiles are comparatively heavy and need professional handling during installation. Besides, the building structure needs to be sturdy to support the weight of the flooring due to the travertine tiles. 

Weather Impact: Travertine tile floors retain heat well and easily get cold and even stone cold if the weather outside is chilly. To manage the cold weather impact, homeowners can use rugs with heating systems, as rugs conduct heat effectively and help warm up the room. 

Adding to the travertine tiles’ durability, the most popular double charged vitrifying technique fuses two layers of tiles and enhances the ability to withstand wear and tear. Double charged vitrified tiles reduce the stain menace and prevent dust from accumulating while giving a homogeneous finish to the floor. 

Engage with Travertine Tiles Experts near you to find more features of this amazing natural stone variant. 

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