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The Role of Human Rights Organizations

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What is a Human Right Organization

The primary role of a human right organization is to form a civil society. These organizations are generally characterized by working for a purpose that is something way beyond financial profit.

However, this also leaves various reasons for an organization’s existence and a wide array of activities or enterprises. Notably, human rights organizations can range from small-scale pressure groups on, for instance, particularly environmental concerns or certain human rights violations, through women’s refuges, educational charities, cultural associations, legal foundations, humanitarian assistance programs, religious organizations, to all the way to large-scale international organizations with thousands of members or branches in various parts of the world.

Significance of Human Rights Organizations

Human rights organizations play an integral role in providing solutions to the human rights violation. These organizations have been protecting human rights all across the group.

Furthermore, at almost every level of numerous attempts to protect the dignity of citizens when they are undermined by the power of the state, human rights organizations play an important role in:

  • Combating individual violation of human rights. This can be done either directly or through supporting specific cases of tests with the help of relevant courts.
  • Providing direct assistance to individuals who have been robbed of their rights.
  • Campaigning for changes to regional, national, or international laws.
  • Offering help for the development of the substance of different laws.
  • Promoting respect for, and knowledge of, human rights among individuals.
  • Defending human rights and ensuring no one’s rights are violated. ‘

The role of human rights organizations is significant not only in terms of outcomes that are achieved, and hence of the optimism that individuals may feel regarding the protection of human rights, but also because human rights organizations are, in a very straightforward sense, a tool that is there to be used by an individual or a group of individuals throughout the world.

Essentially, human rights organizations, including international NGOs, are coordinated and managed by private individuals. However, some of these organizations also draw a significant part of their power from various members of the community that offer voluntary support to a certain cause. This point can be of great significance to those who intend on contributing to the betterment of human rights in the world.

How do they Impact the Process?

Human rights organizations make endeavors for the protection of human rights at different levels or stages, and the strategies that use may vary in accordance with the nature of the objective they have, their generality of specificity; their short-term or long-term nature; their international regional, or nation scope, and so on.

  • Direct assistance: It is very common for human rights organizations working on economic and social rights to provide direct service, in any form, to individuals whose rights have been violated.
  • Collecting accurate information: If there is an underlying at the base of various forms of human right organization activism, it may be the idea of “showing up” the perpetrators of injustice.
  • Lobbying and campaigning: International actors often take part in advocacy and campaigning for bringing about a policy change.

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