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The Most Popular Model of Limousines for Airport Pickup

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When we think about a limousine, the first thing that comes to mind is that movie scene where a group of youngsters parties in an absurdly long car. Often it’s pink, but not necessarily. The limousine has an almost mystical sheen and is perceived as something reserved for very famous or very wealthy people.

However, the Oakville taxi limousine, while also luxurious, is still very much accessible for people like you and I to enjoy and travel in. One pretty mundane if not exactly daily example for taking a limo is to get from the Toronto airport to Oakville for example.

A Classy Ride From Toronto to Oakville

And unlike what some may think, the limo service in Oakville is not reserved for the ultra-wealthy. In our day and age, taking an airport limo is actually very much accessible and you’d be surprised at how many people use it on a regular basis.

Some of the reasons for taking the Limo taxi service Oakville – Toronto is to travel in style and impress a business partner. Arriving at a meeting in a limousine sets an impression that can sway a business deal in your favour. Or you might just want to relax in pampering comfort on the way to Billy Bishop with your family before the flight.


And why not? The only question is, what kind of limo you choose.

Yep, there are several classes and types if you will of airline limousines out there employed by the Oakville taxi service. Understanding those options will allow you to make the best choice in the matter and enjoy a perfectly relaxing ride from Toronto airport to Oakville or vice versa.

The 5 Main Types of Vehicles Employed by the limo service in Oakville

1. Sedan Limo

This is the most modest of the classy limousine vehicles and can accommodate three passengers. It is essentially a very large, comfortable and spacious sedan vehicle suitable for long distance rides. It is likely the most cost effective type of limousine primarily used by people taking a limo often.

Preferred by the business traveller that is used to a certain level of luxury but doesn’t need the extra flair, this can make you cosy but won’t pamper you unnecessarily. At the same time, you are guaranteed to make an impression when you arrive.

2. SUV Limo

The SUV Limo is also commonly employed by the taxi service Oakville and delivers more power, has more luggage space and is usually more luxurious. Those are preferred by families travelling together with some luggage and a few small pets.

It is even better when you arrive in these parts and wish to take a trip around local landmarks, maybe even all the way to Niagara Falls. The SUV limo will ensure you are not one bit tired from the travel, offering plenty of leg space and often even on-board entertainment and refreshments.

Most Limo SUVs will fit 6-7 people with ease, making them perfect for a road trip.

3. The Limo Bus

This magnificent beast of a luxury vehicle takes spaciousness to an entirely new level and can accommodate over 30 passengers. It is often used as a party house on wheels, equipped with TV screens, intricate lighting and video game and entertainment systems. Not every Oakville taxi will have one of those monsters in their fleet but you are sure to find one if you ask around.

The driver can be contacted by intercom, and there is usually going to be a proper washroom, full climate control, lush upholstery on comfy sofas, a disco floor and extras such as poles and bars. While the sedan and SUV are there to make for a comfortable ride from Toronto airport to Oakville or back, the limo bus is all about fun and entertainment.

It is often used for sightseeing or moving around between places and partying on the go. It is suitable for parties for people of all ages with minor differences in outfitting and stocking.

4. Stretch Limousine

This is the one we mentioned in the first paragraph. Straight from an Oscar celebration red carpet, it is essentially an elongated SUV. It seats 10 – 12 passengers comfortably and is used for fun transportation and moderate partying on the go.

A group of people partying all the way to a bachelorette party is a typical set of passengers for this type of car. If you are looking for this kind of limo service in Oakville, it will also need some asking but it’s more common than people think.

Equipped with led lights, a bar, and other comfy features, its main difference from the bus is likely the dance floor. Otherwise, it’s heaps of fun.

5. Hummer Limousine

Last but not least, this juggernaut is robust and vehemently strong in both appearance and performance. It is not commonly found among taxi service Oakville companies but there are a few out there.

Typically, this car seats about 20 people and is usually taken on a guy’s night out. Some of those will have TV screens, video game slots, and of course your much needed drinks bar.

Bottom line is, the limo is by now firmly associated with elegance, class, comfort, luxury and success. Whether you are looking to travel in style, or party around in one, the limo is the best of your choices.

And of course the most commonly used is the airport taxi limo which is the pride of our own luxury vehicle fleet. Take a look at your options here on our website.

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