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Tech Trends for Android Application Development in 2022

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Tech Trends for Android Application Development in 2022

Each year witnessed tremendous growth in terms of technology-driven applications. Such solutions are being developed that lead various startups towards progressive milestones. Moreover, almost every domain is investing in its own mobile applications that define its products and services more clearly. Thus, helping in improving customer retention and engagement. 

Today, such tech trends are arriving that can together make a productive product. Want to learn more?

Here, in this guide, we will be delivering you the same. So, if you are excited to learn and explore all technologies trending today, dive deeply into this post. 

You can also connect to the high-graded developers of the best android application development company to create a top-notch product incorporating all the tech trends. 


So, without any further delay, step into and consider using these leading technologies on your own app. 

Top Tech Trends for Android App Development 

Here is a list of all the technologies that you must know. Take a look and gain insights on the same. 

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT connects internet-enabled devices with the applications installed in your mobiles or smartphones. It is the most-demanding technology today and in rapid rise due to its constant use by users. Moreover, it just requires some clicks and taps to operate any household appliances featured with this technology. 

What could be the best when you can quickly give your users an upper hand to turn on or off the AC, TV, refrigerator, and oven anytime, anywhere. Without remaining inside the house and pushing any button, you can control any appliances with your smartphone only. 

  • Beacon

Beacon is another leading technology, preferred mainly by the healthcare, hospitality, and retail sector. If you want to provide your app with some dynamic features, Beacon can help you a lot. 

The technology lets entrepreneur share their end-users with sales, special discounts, offers, cashback offers, and new arrival. However, the end-user must passes by a beacon and install the entrepreneur’s application. 

Beacon has been making many advancements due to its uses and efficiency and can reach $56.6 billion by 2026. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

Apps like Siri and Alexa have better-defined AI. Since the release of these two apps, we have seen how the technology attracts users worldwide and motivates entrepreneurs to create their own apps with this tech trend. 

AI has become a significant role in the human world as it lets individuals resolve their queries while asking questions to the machines imitating human actions. You can take support from the best android application development company to deliver a robust solution. 

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are being widely used and are all set to capture every industry. These two technologies not only simultaneously derive solutions and cater to the end users’ needs and requirements but together also create apps that add value to the users’ lives. 

Moreover, several companies like L’Oreal have already started integrating this technology into their app to let customer knows how makeup will look on their faces. 

Even the feature named ‘Live View’ within Google Maps is also created with this technology. You may have used this app to know the exact location where you are located. All thanks to AR for bringing such a unique solution to enhancing our lives for the better. 

  • Chatbots

Whenever you access a website or an app, you may come across various automated messages that tell you to drop down your query and doubt if you have any regarding using the application or the web. 

The message will come along once you have dropped the query. So, this is how the chatbots work; they are virtual assistants that assist the users and help them find answers. 

It is estimated that the global chatbots market is growing at the rate of 24%, and you can make much more with its tremendous growth in the app development market. 

  • Wearables 

Smart watches, smart rings, smart shoes, and what not available today as wearable. You can wear them and monitor your health, open your door, and operate several other things while some taps, clicks, and movements of this equipment. 

As everything evolves, it’s your time to provide your users with a more exciting and tech-driven solution like this. You can generate many more millions while building your own android application. 

To Sum it Up!

So, these are all the top trends for mobile application development in 2022. We hope that the guide has resolved your queries and doubts. However, if you want us to cover more of the same, let us know in the comment section. 

Also, don’t forget to connect with the best app development company that can help you build your application. 

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