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Scrap Car Removal: How Can It Benefit the Environment?

by Peninsula Towing
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Hiring a service for scrap car removal Saanich will reduce the stress and hassle of a vehicle owner. But people often overlook how professional scrap car removal services can help the environment. Explore the environmental benefits of scrap car removal services from this article now.

Proper Disposal of Harmful Components

A scrap car removal service will help with the recycling of old materials like tires and metals. But old vehicles have various other materials that are toxic. A majority of junk cars will contain toxic fluid materials.

Some toxic chemicals from old cars include battery acid, brake fluid antifreeze, mercury, and sodium azide. These substances can contaminate soil and water and even kill certain plants and wildlife. Even humans are at risk of eye, lung, and skin damage from these materials.


Hiring professional Scrap Car removal in Saanich will ensure that they tackle the harmful materials with care. They dispose of the materials to ensure that they don’t inflict damage. Therefore, they won’t end up polluting the environment and causing severe damage.

Re-Usage of Old Batteries

Car batteries contain dangerous chemicals that can contaminate the environment. When you hire a scrap removal service, they will take your old car to a recycling centre. In most cases, old car batteries can be reused in other vehicles.

Some recycling centres might use the old car batteries in solar panels. If you have old car batteries in your garage, you can ask a scrap repair service to take them. Even if they can’t be repurposed, the recycling centres will dispose of them safely.

Avoid Landfills

Our landfills are already crowded with too much because we believe everything is disposable. The mindless throwing habit of human beings is contributing to the ever-increasing size of landfills. Decomposed garbage in landfills produces greenhouse gasses like methane and releases them into the atmosphere.

If your old car or parts of your old car ends up in landfills, they will rot in the open air. Hazardous materials from your old car might seep into the soil and pollute it. Hiring a service for scrap car removal in Saanich is the best way to ensure that your car doesn’t further escalate the issue.

Scrap removal does not mean your car will get crushed into pieces. Every material in your car has the potential to be recycled and put to good use. For instance, the catalytic converter and wheels of your car can be repurposed.

Some items are taken out of your car for further selling. Only the metal framework of your car will be crushed and piled with other scrap materials. Remember that some parts of your car are usable, and a scrap removal service will prevent even a single part from getting wasted.

Wrapping up

If you have an old car lying around in your garage, contact a reliable service for scrap car removal in Saanich today. Even if your car has completely broken down, the professionals will utilize at least some parts.

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