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Salary For New Digital Marketers | Academy Of Digital Marketing

by Beverly M. Pearson
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Salary For New Digital Marketers | Academy Of Digital Marketing

A career in digital marketing is one of the most sought-after options among students and professionals due to the ever-rising popularity of digital media.

The first and most obvious question for anyone thinking about entering or switching careers in the digital marketing industry is “What is the digital marketing pay for freshers in India?”

Several factors, especially in the following areas, have a significant impact on salaries in the field of digital marketing:

Business Type and Size:

Companies that are aware of and rely on digital marketing for growth are more likely to offer a higher compensation than businesses that do not focus on digital marketing wage.


Salary for digital marketers are greater in large organisations like MNCs and rapidly expanding or funded startups than in other sectors.

Educational Background:

It would be advantageous for the candidate to receive certification that confirms important skills like communication, inventiveness, and logical thinking because a significant number of companies do not require a degree or certificate to enter the field of digital marketing.

You own your resume and the credential that sets you apart from the competition.

Knowledge and abilities in digital marketing:

The dedication to acquire pertinent knowledge and skills in digital marketing through various sources, such as learning through an industry-recognized digital marketing course, self-practice, and internship, will play a significant role in earning a higher salary given the reality that a new one will lack professional experience.

Learning how to launch a new digital marketing job is something that many individuals are interested in. First and foremost, become an expert in digital marketing.

If you don’t have any experience or skills in the sector, it will be difficult for you to find a suitable job in digital marketing.

Therefore, you should strengthen your digital marketing skills if you want to earn a good job.

An average annual salary for a digital marketing professional is Rs 512,492. Most people switch careers once they have more than ten years of experience in this industry.

The skills most highly compensated in this field include web marketing, strategic marketing, online web design marketing, and social media optimization.

An entry-level digital marketer typically makes Rs 377,522 annually.

Additionally, it will vary based on the individual’s capability, organisation, and location. To get things moving in the correct direction, one needs to be creative, upbeat, and reliable.

The best professional strategy for anyone to earn a good living in this industry is to start a career in digital marketing.

A new hire may start off as a digital sales executive, an online marketing specialist, a marketing specialist, or another position.

Possibilities for Digital Marketing

For newcomers, there are many professions and career opportunities in digital marketing. Some of the sectors where a digital marketing career can be revitalised include the ones listed below:

  • Banking IT firms in the education sector Real estate Advertising and Insurance Firms for Fashion Travel & Tours
  • Salary for New Digital Marketers

There are several ways to start making money with digital marketing. These are a few instances:

  • optimization for search engines
  • Content Marketing
  • Website creation
  • Blogging
  • Mobile Marketing
  • using social media to market
  • email advertising
  • Affiliate promotion

1. Optimization for search engines

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a big term, but if you grasp its complexities, it’s a straightforward online money-making venture.

Enhancing a site’s visibility in search results is the main goal of SEO.

The most relevant results—whether paid or organic—appear first in each search engine’s generated list of results depending on the keywords or key search query phrases entered into the search box.

In order to ensure the website’s full visibility, the SEO specialist’s job is to assist with the refinement of the most often searched keywords and key phrases on the website pages.

High-demand SEO job profiles include:

1) Junior SEO Executive/SEO Trainee

2) An executive or analyst in search engine optimization

3) “Senior SEO Executive,” “Senior SEO Consultant,” “Senior SEO Analyst,” “Senior SEO Consultant,” and “S”

4) SEO Manager, SEO Consultant, and SEO Team Lead

5) Web marketing manager or expert in online marketing

An SEO specialist typically makes Rs 491,318 a year in salary. –Payscale

An SEO expert’s responsibilities include creating SEO content that is optimised for search engine traffic in order to develop or build links.

It is possible to write posts, lists, slideshows, blogs, videos, infographics, guidelines, folders, and other sorts of SEO material.

2. Marketing with information

The purpose of content marketing is to act as a knowledge bridge between the customer and the supplier. This technique is also applied to search engine outcomes. The buying habits of today involve inquiry scanning, comparison, analysis, and buying.

If there are quality search results to evaluate and purchase if there is quality content about the product available, these strategies for online sales are viable.

Yes, if you have good writing skills, this is one of the ways to supplement your income with a salary from digital marketing.

High Demand Job Profiles in Content Marketing:

E-commerce Content Writer for SEO Writer of content, web copy, expert in content marketing, and consultant

A content writer makes, on average, Rs. 656,739 per year. – A scale of pay

3. Creating a website

A certain amount of technical expertise is required to build a website. If someone is capable of building a website from scratch and maintaining it in an approachable way.

Planning, building, organising, and maintaining websites are all parts of website design.

This only implies that in order to create a perfect user-friendly crossing point for navigation, the designer must select the necessary features, such as a welcome layout, a splash of colour, and the photos used in them.

The website’s designer must always keep in mind that regular updates are necessary for the site to stay current with industry trends.

Through the use of digital marketing, one can discover how to earn an income in the field. You can work from the convenience of your home, designing websites that are specific to the requirements of your customers or updating an already-existing website.

High demand careers for website design profiles:

  • a web developer
  • Web designer
  •  A web design expert

The average salary range for a web designer in India is Rs 281,410, according to Payscale

4. Blogging

A writer who conveys their personal opinion on any subject is said to be blogging.

Many blog sites, which are read by millions of people, provide free comment hosting.

A gifted writer has a great opportunity to build a fun product blog and make money online through digital marketing.

The blog should constantly be up to date—the it’s first and most important blogging rule. Additionally, you can monetize your website by hosting advertisements using Google Adsense.

You can increase your income with each ad you run on your blog.

By supplying dependable information, requesting an email address in exchange for a free sample, and then promoting a product on the blog, one might draw readers.

By using your blog as a resource to buy the product, the reader would gain from this technique and earn a commission.

You can make as much money as you desire as a blogger.

5. Mobile Advertising

A cutting-edge digital marketing technique is mobile marketing. Mobile marketing has contributed to the rising popularity of digital marketing as a means of making money online.

There are numerous additional available mobile marketing strategies, such as SMS marketing, push notifications, app-based marketing, in-game mobile marketing, QR codes, and many more.

Such tactics are used by small business owners.

Mobile app marketing

One of the most lucrative methods of earning money through digital marketing has evolved with the growth of mobile apps. The creators of the app store must achieve full product visibility.

Mobile marketing within the game: Pop-up advertisements are common when playing online games.

When a person scans a QR code with a smartphone, the URL automatically redirects them to the current browser tab, allowing them to access the product right away without having to surf the website.

work that is highly sought-after Profiles for mobile marketing
  • a mobile marketing expert
  • Mobile Marketing Manager Head-Mobile Marketing & Advertising: Average Salary Range
  • The typical compensation for a mobile marketing manager is Rs 381,410.

6. Social media promotion:

Social media marketing refers to advertising on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

It is used by a sizeable section of the population to pass the time and interact with like-minded people.

The majority of social media platforms now offer their own data analytics tools to help with the creation and marketing of their social media marketing campaigns, enhancing the visibility of their products.

Digital marketing can be a profitable strategy to make money online depending on how many views one can get from friends and the effectiveness of your campaign.

Roles and responsibilities for social media analysts and executives:

To reach the desired audience, the social media executive must offer relevant and engaging material.

Create, put into action, and keep an eye on social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  1. The task include participating in conversations as necessary and answering inquiries.
  2. It is important to employ a proactive approach to gathering internet reviews and ratings from clients.
  3. It is important to keep an eye on trends in social media software, applications, platforms, architecture, and strategy.

One of the most in-demand jobs in the sector is social media manager.

  • a social media strategist and authority on social media
  • Supervisor of a community
  • executive or moderator for social media
  • Consultant or Social Media Expert

Average Salary: In the majority of cases, a Social Media Executive makes more money than a PPC Executive.

The usual annual revenue for Fresher’s social media in India ranges from $250,000 to $350,000.

An average Social Media Manager makes $560,000 a year.

Digital marketing companies have a significant demand for social media specialists.

7. Email Marketing:

In the marketing industry, email marketing is a creative technique. The advertiser sends the user an email by incorporating product specs and promotions relevant to that product in email marketing.

Email is relevant because it can instantly reach millions of customers and because it mixes graphic content with text and links, which makes it easy for people to shop and find information.

You can also fill up pre-made templates and send them to the right recipient. Your email list, however, is the most crucial component of this plan.

When a lead clicks on a specific link in an email, some email marketing strategies now pay dividends. Using email marketing is another way to earn money.

positions in email marketing are in high demand:

Typical Salary Slab: Specialist in email campaigns and marketing Email Marketing Manager

The average annual income for a Mobile Marketing Manager is Rs 539,614, according to Payscale.

8. Affiliate Promotion 

The act of recommending a product to a friend and having that friend make a purchase using the link you provided is known as affiliate marketing. One-to-one referrals and the weight of a personal endorsement are the foundation of digital marketing.

You won’t be able to receive or make money from the sale until that point. Referred to as associate marketing, this is.

Numerous online retailers use affiliate marketing, also referred to as referral marketing.

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