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Rhinoplasty Cost in India

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Get the feminine-looking nose shape with the best rhinoplasty in India performed by the famous Facial Feminization Surgeon in India, Dr. Parag Telang at Designer Bodyz.

A nose surgery, medically known as a rhinoplasty, aims to enhance, re-construct or correct the shape and form of the nose. Rhinoplasty is intended to improve the appearance of the nose. Rhinoplasty may involve narrowing the width, reducing the size, altering the internal portions, or shaping the cartilage of the nose. Lots of women want their noses to look perfect. Aside from women, there are men who undergo sex or gender changes and try to look more feminine by fixing their noses with this surgery and help make them look more feminine. For most women, a perfect nose should be proportional to a woman’s face, have a defined tip, a feminine swoop on the bridge, which many believe to be more feminine, and a great projection that starts from the front to the back. When photographed from any angle, the nose should look perfect.

What happens during the surgery?

A nose job is a simple procedure where the surgeon makes small incisions inside the nose to access the bones and cartilage. Depending on how the candidate wants his or her nose to look, the tissues and cartilage are either added or removed. Nose jobs can accomplish a great number of corrections, such as the size, width, and profile of the nose, as well as the nostrils, nasal tip, and nasal asymmetry. This surgery can enhance the candidate’s image, which will make them feel young and boost self-confidence with the desired look.


Every person has a different nose, so the rhinoplasty procedure needs to be individualized. During the consultation, the doctor will evaluate the nose and facial features. The procedure may also be used to correct impaired breathing due to congenital structural defects. The goals of facial feminization rhinoplasty are to produce a nose that appears natural, and feminine and is in better balance with the rest of the face, as well as maintains or improve nasal airways.

Nose Feminization Surgery is performed in the following ways:

Tip Refinement-

In this surgery, the surgeon removes a small section of cartilage from the tip. This will narrow the nasal tip and make the nose loo

  • Also, decrease the level of gender dysphoria

Nose Feminization Surgery Results:

The nose will look better already as facial swelling will resolve in 10 days. Swelling in the upper part of the nose goes away faster. Swelling in the lower half of the nose and tip takes longer to resolve. Most of the candidates report no pain or only mild discomfort following rhinoplasty surgery.


  • The surgery is often combined with a forehead reconstruction in order to create a smooth transition between the forehead and nose (frontonasal transition).

  • This procedure lasts from 1-2.5 hours.

  • Upper lip and smile stiffness usually resolve two to three months after surgery.

Post-operative instructions:

  • Keep the upper back elevated 30-40 degrees and apply cold compresses during the first 24 hours. Do not apply anything frozen directly to the skin.

  • Facial swelling tends to get worse during the first three days after surgery but improves by the fifth day post surgery.

  • Clean the bottom of the nose gently using cotton balls soaked in warm water. Apply vaseline on the rims of the nostrils once a day.

  • Splints and sutures would be removed if the nostrils were narrowed. Having the nostrils lubricated with vaseline will make suture removal less uncomfortable.

  • Tape the nose only at night. It will help minimize swelling that develops overnight during the post-operative period.

  • Avoid alcohol and blood thinners for 2 weeks after surgery.

  • Showers, make-up, and facial creams can be restarted.

  • Nose blowing can be started gently two weeks after surgery.

  • Exercises can be resumed one month after surgery. Avoid bending for 2 weeks after surgery.

  • Swimming by submerging the head in the water can be started 2 months after surgery.

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Use a hat to protect the nose.

  • Pore strips may be resumed three months after surgery.

Dr. Parag Telang, is the best surgeon for rhinoplasty in India at Designer Bodyz aims that the rhinoplasty surgery performed on his patients offer aesthetically pleasing, natural, and stable results. He also addresses both soft tissues and bone structure for a feminine and attractive outcome.

The cost of a feminizing rhinoplasty can vary, as the combination of diagnostics, techniques, and procedures are personalized to based on one’s particular situation. To know more about Rhinoplasty Cost in India consult Dr. Parag Telang today at Designer Bodyz.

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