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“Nearly Love” (2022)

Culture Representation: The dramatic film “ALMOST LOVER (2022) ” features an entirely Chinese cast of people representing the working-class, middle-class, and wealthy. It was shot primarily in China’s Shanghai region between 2009 and 2017.

Culture Conflict:An on-again, off-again relationship between a young man and a lady that started when they were teenagers is hampered by a number of external factors.

Culture Audience: “Almost Love” will mostly appeal to viewers who enjoy love dramas with strong acting that span several years.





“Almost Love” occasionally veers from uninteresting to unnecessarily romantic, but on the whole, this drama gives accurate depictions of an on-again/off-again romance. It’s a heartbreaking tale of a young couple whose relationship is hampered by external factors including parental disapproval and professional demands. “Almost Love” recycles a lot of cliches and plot points from other films about young lovers who break up, reconcile, and wonder if their relationship will continue. “Almost Love” would be a lot duller than it needed to be if not for the entertaining acting from the film’s cast members.

The majority of “Almost Love,” which was directed by Luo Luo and co-written by Zhai Pei, takes place in Shanghai, China, between 2009 and 2017.

Yu Jiaoyang has a crush on Zhou Can, a classmate who is an attractive, well-off, and skilled aspiring artist, who is portrayes by Li Wenhan. She is shock to find that Zhou Can finds Yu Jiaoyang attractive as well, and they start dating. When Yu Jiaoyang is tormented or taunted at school, Zhou Can stands up for her. However, when two individuals from extremely different socioeconomic classes fall in love, you already know what that means: At least one member of the couple’s close friends and family will be against the union.


When it comes to Zhou Can, his controlling mother (played by Qing Wei) wrongly labels Yu Jiaoyang as a trashy gold digger without even giving him a chance to get to know him. Even though Yu Jiaoyang is genuinely a pleasant and polite guy who avoids trouble, his mother, who insults Yu Jiaoyang in front of her, believes that Yu Jiaoyang is a “bad influence” on Zhou Can. Zhou Can’s mother chastises him for dating Yu Jiaoyang over and over, to the point where he tries to hide his dating habits from her.

Yu Jiaoyang has her own family problems because her parents are no longer alive. The grandmother of Yu Jiaoyang, who has served as her guardian, is ill. Yu Jiaoyang makes an effort to present a positive front to the world. However, Yu Jiaoyang has been under a lot of stress as a result of her grandmother’s health issues, which she attempts to hide from others. Yu Jiaoyang confides in Zhou Can, who grows to be her closest friend, and opens up to him about a variety of personal issues, including her worry over losing her grandma.

The truth behind a well-known incident that Yu Jiaoyang was involved in at her previous high school is one of the other personal matters that Yu Jiaoyang discusses with Zhou Can. In this instance, Yu Jiaoyang lost control during an exam in class and tore up a fellow student’s exam papers. Yu Jiaoyang got into problems and developed the reputation of being emotionally unstable, which followed her to the school she is currently attending alongside Zhou Can.


She tells Zhou Can the precise reason Yu Jiaoyang tampered with a classmate’s exam papers. Flashbacks expose this information, which is not discusse in this review. After understanding this secret, Zhou Can is even more inspired by Yu Jiaoyang because it involves a sacrifice that Yu Jiaoyang made for a friend at the risk of his reputation and academic position.

The exact reason Yu Jiaoyang damaged a fellow student’s exam papers, she reveals to Zhou Can. This information is reveales in a flashback but not in this review. Zhou Can is even more impressed by Yu Jiaoyang after learning this secret because it entails a sacrifice that Yu Jiaoyang made for a friend at the expense of his academic standing and reputation.

Because “Almost Love” is a love drama, it contains some clichéd sequences that viewers could find appealing. For instance, Zhou Can enters the Shanghai Arts Exhibition Competition early on in their relationship. Yu Jiaoyang unexpectedly shows up to the structure where the competition is taking place to encourage him.

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Zhou Can, who is inside the building, sees Yu Jiaoyang sprinting through the rain while cheering him on and wishing him luck in the tournament. He soon follows her outdoors wearing a garbage can-style outfit, and they run in the rain while holding hands. There is no explanation as to where these peculiar trash cans came from or why Zhou Can could not just use an umbrella to cover Yu Jiaoyang. The audience will just have to accept it as a sweet love gesture made by Zhou Can and Yu Jiaoyang for one another.

Almost Lover (2022)

The struggle Zhou Can faces in pursuing his dream of being a visual artist with a focus on painted illustrations is a major theme of “Almost Love.” His parents disagree with his profession decision since they believe it to be insecure and underpaying. Zhou Can has the full support of Yu Jiaoyang, but Zhou Can’s fears frequently prevent their relationship from developing to the extent that Yu Jiaoyang desires.



In the end, the film shows whether or not such dreams are realise. Zhou Can struggles with his profession choice when he and Yu Jiaoyang graduate from high school, and he frequently hides his emotions from Yu Jiaoyang, who wants Zhou Can to be more vulnerable with her than he does. When Zhou Can refuses to show emotion when Yu Jiaoyang feels they should get closer as a couple, it causes conflicts and the pair’s first significant split.

Eventually, Zhou Can and Yu Jiaoyang come to an understanding. Zhou Can’s career as an artist is struggling, while Yu Jiaoyang secures a lucrative office position. And just like in real life, when one person in a love couple earns significantly more money than the other partner, it can cause issues and a power imbalance.

Zhou Can is unwilling to wed Yu Jiaoyang until he provides the majority of the family’s income. In the meantime, Zhou Can avoids discussing marriage with Yu Jiaoyang as much as possible even though she feels like she is prepares to wed him. More disputes result from Zhou Can’s refusal to bring up Yu Jiaoyang’s impending marriage, and the rest is quite obvious.


Even though Yu Jiaoyang and Zhou Can are obviously in love with one another, “Almost Love” does a great job of demonstrating that true love may not always occur at the appropriate moment and with the right person to sustain a relationship. Xu Ruohan and Li Wenhan represent the ups and downs of Yu Jiaoyang and Zhou Can’s love story in ways that appear genuine and aren’t overactes. The final 20 minutes of the film have some of the best scenes. The lead cast members’ performances in “Almost Love” will move viewers the most; they convincingly demonstrate how people’s perspectives on love and heartache may alter with age and emotional development.

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