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Remote Workers Have 5 Options For Moving Abroad

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Remote Workers

Before the epidemic, the work from the outside was curious, but the common people are now slowly. Dozens of countries offer special residential visas or honorees. If you don’t have to go to the office for income, take a look at these programs.

At the forefront, there are famous tourist destinations and hot resorts. You can go to a strange Caribbean island. But for those who want to consider cold laptops, there are appropriate options.

Some programs do not have any income requirements, while other wealthy are designed. In addition, when he lives abroad for more than six months, foreigners usually become financial residents in the country in which they have moved and have to pay taxes. However, many programs provide an exception for this principle.

Then look and study and understand.



1. Albania

The country issues a one-year residence permit for foreigners that work from afar, then can be extended several times, and after five years of residence, permanent residence can be achieved. For the confirmation of the state, you have to submit an agreement with an employer or agent abroad besides a permanent address, banking account, and local health insurance. In addition, you have to show that you have enough money to stay.

2. Hungary

In November 2021, the country began issuing a cart Biloxi 1, which began earning a residential permit for digital nomads from the European Union, working for employers, or getting commercial income outside Hungary. However, this residential permit does not allow you to bring relatives to the country. The card is suitable for a maximum of one year and can be renewed once.

The main conditions for the acquisition of a “white message” are as follows: The applicant’s monthly income should be 2000 euros or more within six months before entering the country and staying in Hungary. In addition to this requirement, the title of housing and health insurance should also be confirmed.

The “white message” costs 110 euros.

3. Germany

A visa for independent foreigners in Germany 2 can adapt to remote work in the country. An independent visa is issued for three months, then you can get up to three years.

The applicant must be enrolled in the local financial office to obtain a residential permit and should show that their activities belong to the category of “liberalism” (journalists, designers, artists, advisers, and other free professions).

Foreigners have to prove that they have financial support to live comfortably in Germany and get rid of at least 1.2 thousand euros and health insurance every month. It is also important to inform the location of the legal residence and register the Directorate at the Local Registry Office.

To prove the need for your existence, the applicant must have a client from Germany.

The initial visa cost is 45 euros and residential permit costs are 100 euros.

4. Greece

In September 2021, Greece approved a new law 4825/2021 to manage the issuance of residence permits for digital nomads.

The visa will be issued for 12 months, then it can be extended to another year. Applicants should work far from employers or clients outside Greece.

After taxes, you have to show a monthly income of more than 35,000 euros a month, publish information about the fund’s source, eliminate health insurance, and provide a lease or purchase contract in Greece. You will also need a medium certificate.

The new legislation allows the national country to bring family members with them, but the latter will not be able to work in Greece. In this case, the minimum required income for the husband is more than 20 % and 15 % per child.

The application rate is 75 euros and it also has 150 euros.

5. Georgia

Georgia’s era is designed for people who go to the country for more than a year. The essence of the new program is that foreigners who live in the country for 180 days or more will become tax residents and will have to pay taxes. Eastern employees, independent workers, and business owners can go to Georgia as digital patrols. They will have to provide at least $ 2000 health insurance and income tests.

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