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Popsical is perfect consumer home karaoke in the digital era.

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Popsical is essentially the best consumer choice available in the digital age.

Over time, web-based features like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Spotify, and many others have developed and taken control of our media consumption behavior.

The new jargon for consuming media is “on-request” or “on-demand.” You must watch your top movie. It’s fine to watch Netflix in excess this evening (or some other services). Your top artist released brand-new music, is that right? Now playing on Spotify (or your favoured music streaming platform). What about a karaoke gathering with friends?

I’d like to introduce Popsical, a streaming karaoke system.

To transfer the singing experience to the digital era, three karaoke aficionados founded the company in 2016. To add to that, Popsical makes it possible for you to sing along to your favorite songs without having to frequently update your karaoke collection.

The new on-demand karaoke craze is called Popsical Karaoke. All you need are Popsical’s mobile apps and a membership. You may now sing as loud as you like in the comfort of your own home. Popsical covered almost everything.


One of Popsical’s distinctive selling advantages will be its ability to turn any TV into a contemporary home karaoke system.

When you open the Popsical packaging, you will find a 2x lithium-particle battery-operated remote UHF microphone inside. Its small size makes it suitable for most living room arrangements.

It is simple to use.

It’s simple to set up. To use, simply connect the Popsical gadget to any existing home speakers and plug your TV in (an internal TV speaker is ok too). Popsical includes an RCA/AUX input. This suggests that how your entire karaoke experience turns out really depends on you. It can be used with built-in TV speakers, a sound bar, or your modern sound systems.

Additionally, Popsical has an AI (Artificial Intelligence) judge who will grade your singing.

As of the time of writing, Popsical’s cloud-based karaoke system can store up to 230k songs in 14 different languages. You should just be able to find your favorite song in their sizable cloud library if you sing English or Chinese karaoke.

You won’t have to struggle to utilize one phone to enter your next song because the Popsical device allows many cell phones to interact with it. In addition, everyone can choose their song using a cell phone. In this manner, choose your melody and devote as much time as necessary.

Popsical is affordable to subscribe.

The Popsical cloud library of tunes has a monthly subscription cost, just like any streaming service. In general, Popsical’s membership requirements are quite liberal. Summing up, you have the option of paying $10.99/month for a recurring membership, similar to those offered by subscription-based services, or $4.99 for a 24-hour pass. You can sing for up to 15 minutes (determined by song duration) for free.

Comparatively, the period subscription is a simple choice for frequent users. If you expect to use it at least 2 or 3 times per month, we advise you to sign up for the monthly plan (assuming each session is longer than 15-min). Or else, the one-day pass plus the free session each day might be sufficient.

In either case, the good news is that subscriptions are device-based and not user-based. Your companions can split the one-day pass with you too.

Popsical offers a 30-day consumer return policy in addition to a 1-year warranty.

The Popsical Remix II, which costs $559, is indeed a tempting proposition for aspiring karaoke singers or people who just want to buy a contemporary karaoke system.

All in all, if you live in Malaysia, you may purchase Popsical through Lovetubuy, an authorized retailer for Popsical Malaysia, online or at Futureworld, a Lovetubuy retail store.

In summary

Altogether, Popsical is a portable, economical karaoke entertainment system that in some ways redefines what a home karaoke system is supposed to be. No more need for a cumbersome karaoke setup, a box of CDs lying about, or the ongoing need to purchase fresh karaoke kits. Popsical is almost the perfect consumer option in the digital era.

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