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  • Overfeeding your dog will have a negative impact on their health and happiness.

Overweight dogs are more likely to develop metabolic abnormalities, cardiovascular disease, joint disease, a weakened immune system, and a variety of other health issues. They are also less mobile and cannot run, play, or participate in other activities as much as they would like. Feed your pet the amount recommended by their veterinarian, and don’t give in to those puppy dog eyes when they ask for more!

  • Feel your dog’s nose.

Your dog’s nose should be damp. The amount of moisture varies depending on the dog and the time of year, but a healthy dog will have a cool and slightly wet nose because dogs secrete sweat through their nose to cool down.

  • Make annual veterinary appointments.

Allow the professionals to examine your dog on a regular basis to screen for health issues and provide you with the best, personalized information to keep your precious pup healthy for many years.

  • Make a “first aid” kit for your pet.

Accidents and emergencies occur, and being prepared with all the necessary items to assist your dog is an essential step in being a responsible pet owner. This is especially important if you take your dog hiking or camping and are far from help. Every dog parent should have a DIY pet first aid kit.

  • Purchase pet insurance.

Accidents and illnesses that occur unexpectedly often cost between $800 and $1500. With up to one-third of all pets requiring emergency care each year, this can quickly become a financial burden. Pet insurance can help to cover these unexpected costs, prescription medications, long-term health conditions, and other issues, making it an important investment for the family’s four-legged friends.

  • Clean your dog’s teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth is frequently overlooked, but it is critical to their overall health and avoiding costly dental treatments in the future. Make this a regular part of their routine, and use a toothpaste made specifically for dogs. Teeth brushing can be a fun activity for your pet every day with a little time and training!

  • Prepare an emergency plan.

It’s not pleasant to consider, but it’s critical that you have a plan in place for your dog in case something happens to you. Please make a list of important information about your dog’s lifestyle, such as how frequently they are fed, how much they are fed, medications, their veterinarian’s phone number, and so on. Make copies of this for anyone in your life who could care for your dog in an emergency. It’s also worthwhile to ask around to ensure that you have at least one or two nearby people who can help your dog on short notice.

  • ​​Purposeful Play

Play with your dog’s feet, ears, and mouth when petting and playing with them, especially when they are young. Touching their feet, toes, and nails during positive play will desensitize them to being touched in these areas when it comes time for nail trims. This will make your vet’s job easier, your dog will be less stressed during the exam, and your vet will be more likely to detect any abnormalities if something is wrong with your dog.


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