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Patagonia EMR Software Review

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Patagonia EMR Software

When looking for an EMR solution, consider the features and benefits of Patagonia EMR Software. It is flexible, scalable, and OnC-certified, which means it meets the guidelines required to obtain incentive funds under the ARRA. The software is also scalable and flexible, making it a viable option for practices that want to improve their efficiency and profitability. However, these features aren’t the only ones that matter when choosing the right solution for your practice.


Patagonia EMR software has been ONC-certified by the Drummond Group, an Authorized Certification Body empowered by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. ONC-certified software is capable of designing and implementing health information technology, enabling eligible organizations to qualify for federal EHR adoption payments. Its ONC-certified version 5.1 supports Meaningful Use 2014, Promoting Interoperability 2015 Edition, and 2022 Real World Testing.

Patagonia Health’s EMR Software is ONC-certified for the 2015 Edition of the Meaningful Use initiative. The EMR software’s Health IT Module has been approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Additionally, subscribers to Patagonia Health already included in the OnC-certified module, which means that there are no additional fees. Patagonia Health’s subscription fees include all the elements required by Meaningful Use, including the certified modules.

Easy to learn

EMRs are a major investment for any medical practice, but choosing a good one is even more important. A quality software should not only help you increase patient care, but also be easy to use and maintain. Patagonia Health EMR designed by a team of health care veterans and IT experts who understand the complexities of running a practice. With an eye toward customer service, Patagonia focuses on providing world-class EMR software and superior customer support. Its goal is to help medical practices improve their efficiencies and quality of care while minimizing costs.


The company’s founder, Ashok Mathur, took a long vacation to South America during a hiatus from his EHR company. While traveling, he thought to himself, “there must be a better way”. Patients deserve a quality product, holistic training, and easy vendor support. He presented his ideas to Abhi Muthiyan and worked through the software development process together. During the start-up phase, he managed daily operations.


Patagonia Health EMR is a cloud-based healthcare software solution that combines federally certified EHR and practice management software with billing functionality. The user-friendly interface is organized to increase workflow and improve efficiency, while the specialized functionality addresses the needs of behavioral health organizations and small practices. The software’s tools include patient education, assessment and case management, and a gold-certified electronic prescription solution. For physicians, Patagonia Health EMR offers a comprehensive set of capabilities that are essential to patient care.

The company founded to help solve two main user problems: providing easy-to-use EHR software and exceptional customer service. The company strives to earn 100 percent customer satisfaction by providing outstanding service and supporting their customers throughout the transition to electronic health records. Patagonia’s team also helps their customers implement the software. Read on to learn more about the flexible features of Patagonia EMR Software and their benefits.


In addition to providing a scalable, cloud-based EMR solution for physicians and other health care professionals, Patagonia Health also offers a gold-certified electronic prescription solution, case management and assessments. Developed specifically for health care organizations, Patagonia Health offers an intuitive and efficient user interface. Its clinical functionality and workflow management features help practitioners increase efficiency and maintain operational standards. With its robust feature set, Patagonia EMR software helps practices improve patient care while lowering costs.

Unlike many legacy EHRs, Patagonia EMR Software is scalable to meet the needs of a growing practice. This is possible thanks to its built-in functionality. This system is scalable and flexible for any practice, regardless of size or number of staff. Its web services interface enables integration with other software, making it easy for doctors to integrate with other EMR software. Furthermore, it supports v5010, a new standard for EHR. Its EMR software is scalable as it connects with other PMS and medical billing software through a secure web services interface.

Behavioral health solutions

Behavioral Health agencies and providers should explore Patagonia EMR Software. Its robust behavioral health EHR software offers integration with practice management and billing systems to simplify clinical documentation and improve reimbursement. The comprehensive system allows for electronic 837P claim filing and handles the nuances of MCO billing. It also features an array of behavioral health-specific features, including the ability to track clients in multiple services and assign staff to cases.

Because Patagonia’s behavioral health-specific software is cloud-based, it does not require costly on-site servers, eliminating IT headaches and costs. The cloud-based service also meets federal Meaningful Use privacy requirements. Behavioral health providers should consider Patagonia EHR Software when selecting an EHR.

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