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Learning how to perform CPR or first aid is more valuable whether in an office, hospital, home, or any other place with people. While it is mandatory for professionals in the health care industry, others also benefit from this course both on the employment or personal aspects.

Obtaining an Online First Aid course or CPR course is an absolute must in this age of uncertainty. About 90% of the people who suffer cardiac arrest die before they get help. If CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) is administered within time, that is, in the first few minutes of the attack, it can increase the victim’s chances of survival. Apart from cardiac arrest, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a life-saving technique for emergencies like near drowning, choking, or heart attack when someone’s breathing or heartbeat is stopped. The American Heart Association recommends performing CPR with hard and fast chest compressions. It applies to bystanders as well as first responders.

 Why Take CPR Certification Online


 Getting a CPR certification may help save a person’s life in emergencies. CPR certification online is becoming increasingly popular as many people realize the need to be trained.

 The good news is that the CPR and first aid training has been made available and convenient for everyone with the online CPR and first aid courses.

CPR Certification Online

 CPR training is a much-needed necessity for people of all professions. Taking CPR training online is more convenient and comfortable with spending only a few hours a day. The digital era has made learning easier as easy as a click of the buttons. Many organizations in Canada offer CPR training online that will enable you to be a certified first aid or cardiovascular resuscitator.


Online CPR training Canada includes:

  • Standard curriculum
  • Downloadable student manual
  • Illustrations and instructional videos
  • Interactive sessions to ensure you understand the concept in each lesson
  • Practice questions at the end of each module
  • CPR Certification exam upon completion of all lessons

 You will have the option of completing all of the modules at once or taking your time and revisiting the modules as needed. Online CPR courses cover everything offered in in-person classes.

Many accredited organizations offer the best CPR training Canada with video-based instruction for students. That ensures the curriculum remains the same for everyone, no matter how you take the course.

 Online CPR classes are best for individuals with busy schedules 

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