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Oilfield Services Career Path

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The careers that oilfield services equipment offers are varied and can range from simple service to management, equipment operation to sales. Many positions do not require a college degree, and those that do require certification can be obtained through training. Listed below are some of the advantages of pursuing a career in oilfield services equipment. In addition to the benefits that come with working in the industry, you will also be rewarded with a high salary and generous days off.

Oilfield services equipment follows complex safety protocols

The use of oilfield services equipment requires compliance with complex safety protocols. Proper planning and maintenance procedures should be followed to ensure equipment is maintained in good condition. Maintenance procedures should also include a checklist of the possible indications of failure. This checklist should also include test point measurements. In some cases, the documentation should include a portable intelligent terminal that can inject signals and make decisions based on responses. A fault dictionary is also a valuable aid, but it must be updated regularly. The maintenance procedure must also include full instructions for isolating parts of equipment.
In the United States, oil and gas companies have an obligation to protect the environment and the health of their employees and the general public. That’s why they are committed to improving safety protocols in their facilities and operations. Safety procedures are important to the oil and gas industry because it involves heavy equipment, high temperatures, and high pressure. By ensuring safety, they make it safer for everyone who works there. In fact, the oil and gas industry has a lower injury rate than the private sector as a whole.

It pays well

An oilfield job can be lucrative. There are many jobs in this field, and they require different skill sets. From assisting with oilfield wellhead setup to moving drilling and fracking equipment, the oilfield industry can provide a variety of high-paying jobs. However, oilfield jobs can be challenging, and you need to be physically fit in order to perform the work. This can be done in a variety of ways, and they can even require you to travel to different locations.
You don’t have to have an advanced degree to become a rig hand in oilfield services. You can even work as a rig runner. Rig runners perform different duties on the drilling floor, and you can apply to be a rig hand or roughneck. These jobs pay well, and you can work from home if you prefer. But make sure you check the job description carefully before applying for a job.
A career in oilfield services equipment is an excellent choice if you are looking for a rewarding career that rewards your hard work and commitment. Oilfield work requires a variety of skill sets, and you’ll never be bored. There’s always work to do. Just make sure you have a flexible schedule and don’t mind spending time traveling. Oilfield service jobs typically have generous vacation policies. For more information, check out the jobs section of Northern Oilfield Services.
An oilfield service/equipment career can be a lucrative and physically challenging career. Many oilfield jobs have high salaries, and some are even dangerous. Some of the most lucrative positions include drilling engineers, wellsite managers, and geologists. Oilfield equipment technicians can earn up to $75,000 a year, making them one of the highest-paid jobs in the oilfield. You’ll be working in remote locations and often in dangerous situations.

It offers generous days off

In addition to its competitive compensation package, Oilfield services equipment providers also offer generous days off to their employees. Oilfield services companies provide their employees with comprehensive health and dental insurance, supplemental life insurance and accident and dismemberment insurance. Flexible spending accounts are also offered for medical expenses, which is beneficial for any employee. In addition, employees can also take advantage of the company’s 401(k) Employee Savings Plan, which provides financial security for employees.


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