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Need To Invest in Sharps Disposal Containers

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Sharps Disposal Container

Placing a used sharp in standard trash is a strict no-no. The FDA advises the use of specialized containers for used needles, syringes, and shards of broken glass handled by a patient or health care worker. You may buy the containers in bulk if you have a patient at home. A facility owner may source it online or from designated medical supply companies too.

Suitable sharps disposal containers are approved by the FDA based on their effectiveness to slow the spread of infection. Sharps are usually capable of puncturing the skin and drawing blood. It can spread contamination resulting in a deadly outcome.

You would be interested to note that the FDA-approved containers are made from rigid and tough plastic that has a line that indicates that it is full and can now be transported for safe disposal. The containers come in a variety of sizes and can be sourced according to one’s needs. Home care providers may invest in small containers that are apt for traveling too.

Unfortunately, not all containers may be available in the market as the demand remains high. However, discarding contaminated sharp objects with household trash is likely to spread infection. Such an eventuality has grabbed the attention of FDA authorities making it consider the usage of an alternative in some cases.


Alternative sharps disposal containers

Some organizations and communities have specific guidelines for placing sharps within their premises. A heavy-duty plastic container with a tightly closed lid is an apt alternative. Such a container needs to be leakproof and positioned in an upright manner to avoid spillage. The lid should not be prone to punctures by sharp objects as well. The properties that good sharps disposal containers must have included the following:-

  • Heavy duty plastic
  • Capable of being closed perfectly
  • Comes with a close-fitting tight lid that is both puncture-proof and contains the sharps inside
  • Remains upright at all times to facilitate easy placement of sharps
  • Remains stable and is not prone to tilting or becoming unbalanced
  • Is resistant to leaks
  • Is labeled with warning signs displayed prominently

The container should be sent for disposal of the sharps inside once it is three-fourths full. Crossing the line indicates the possibility of contamination and overfilling the container with the sharps being viewed through the lid is counterproductive for the individual user as well as health care facilities.

One may go ahead and use the novel sharps disposal containers that are capable of being reused without spreading contamination. It comes equipped with special features that restrict:-

  • Overfilling
  • Bouncing of discarded sharps inside the container
  • 100% safety guaranteed
  • Hands-free disposal system
  • Can be kept upright and elevated off the ground with special mounting aids

Microbial growth inside the container is reduced significantly via tech-enabled robotic washing and special sanitations of the containers that make it capable of being used again and again.

You will be elated to reduce the instance of injuries and injuries substantially by sourcing proper sharps disposal containers approved by the FDA.

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