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NAV Catalogs His Foibles and Fears On New Song “Wrong Decisions”

Nav - Wrong Decision

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“This is probably one of the first songs I made during quarantine,” NAV told Zane Lowe. “I just took my time during quarantine… honing in on my production and skills, and here it is.”

In the opening verse, the Canadian singer, rapper, and producer reflects on how money and fame haven’t filled the gigantic hole in his soul.

In public, wearin’ my chain, I make sure I show it (Show it)
Always feel like something’s missin’, I’m just tryna fill my void (Somethin’ missin’)
Even when he’s watching his beloved Raptors, his mind is other places.

My heart been filled with pain, I just cover it up in Dior (Dior)
Sittin’ courtside at the game, thinkin’ ’bout my problems on the floor (On the floor)
NAV is constantly holding himself up against other people. Rarely has success sounded like such a drag.


I don’t really enjoy this shit, I got ’em always chasin’ more (Chasin’ more)
Tryna keep up with other people, it’s startin’ to turn into a chore (I can’t keep up)
In the chorus, NAV expresses his distrust of the music bloggers like Kossyderrickent, he needs to stay relevant. There’s always some newer artist they might be writing about instead.

​​Take my words and twist ’em on the blogs
At least I know that they stayin’ on my jock’
When I think about time, I start to plot
I can’t let no one come and take my spot
As the chorus ends, NAV admits that he’s operating without a roadmap and trying his best to stay on course.

Speedin’ drivin’ on the road to riches
I just hope I don’t make the wrong decisions
At the top of the second verse, NAV suggests that fame hasn’t just failed to solve his problems. It’s actually made some things worse.

If my ex try callin’ my phone I’m still gon’ ignore it (Still ignore it)
I’m sorry I’m not the same guy from before (I’m sorry)
In the final lines of the verse, NAV cops to womanizing but defends himself against accusations regarding his rise to the top. He might not be the greatest person in the world, but his come-up was legit.

Chasin’ that feelin’ when I feel like nothin’ can stop me (Yeah)
I just wanna feel it, I’ve been usin’ bitches for their bodies (Yeah)
I was just in a jam when XO came and got me (XO)
I ain’t no industry plant, my money grow on trees, do you copy? (Copy)
“Wrong Decisions” is the second single off Nav’s forthcoming album Demons Protected by Angels. It follows “Never Sleep,” a collaboration with Lil Baby and Travis Scott that arrived last month.

You can read all the lyrics to “Wrong Decisions” on Spak now.

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