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Myths About Feeding Cats and Dogs You May Want to Know

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Dogs and Cats Nutrition

If you own a pet no whether you have cats or dogs, you’ve likely heard a few rumors about bones, vegetables, onions, garlic, and pet food. Here are some things you should know about feeding cats or dogs.


A dog’s “best friend”, is not a bone. This is because it serves as a welcome food and helps to keep the teeth clean. Be careful, however, because bones can cause occlusions or perforations in your throat and esophagus, fecalomas (accumulation of dehydrated feces), which require the veterinarian’s intervention, and may contain harmful substances like oxytetracycline.

This antibiotic is used in intensive farming. These substances can cause an itchy neck, lower back, dullness, tearing, and fasting vomiting.



The Many Allergies of Dogs and Cats

This is another cliche that requires explanation. If our furry friends have symptoms that could be considered allergic, they are likely experiencing an adverse reaction to chemical or pharmacological contaminants in the food. These are food allergies. Also, is kale bad for dogs?


Onions & Garlic Harmful to the Dog

These are members of the Liliaceae Family and can cause a natural enzyme shortage that can lead to death in dogs and cats.


Dogs must always have food readily available

There are many myths out there that claim pet owners pamper their pets better if they give them a full plate of food every day. Multiple scientific studies have shown that dogs can have regular meals on their time.

This will allow your child’s digestive system to function better, allowing for more time for exercise and rest. It will also make it easier for you to create enough time for them to take care of their evacuation needs, thereby avoiding obesity.


You can have as many delicious treats as you like

It is important to limit the number of treats that you give your pet. It is crucial to set limits when you reward your pet’s “good deeds” during training sessions.

These foods are meant to be harmless snacks from time to time. They can also contain elements that have toxic properties. Excessive treats can also reduce the “special” meaning and psychological impact of the reward.


Home-Prepared Food

Many pet owners prefer to make their cat and dog food, rather than buying canned treats. Their needs are affected by their size, age, and level of physical activity. No pasta, meatballs, or “human” dishes.


Pets of Poor Quality

Most pet owners believe that canned and rolled food is made from food scraps or poor-quality food.

Raw materials used in the production and distribution of pet food must be subject to strict control. They are only made from animals that have been killed.


Dog loves organic feed.

There are often myths and false notions about products that are labeled “organic”. While it is true that organic products can be a benefit, in theory, it is important to remember the facts.

Be aware that there are other commercial traps where Feed is sold very “organic”. However, when you examine the nutrient tables in detail you will see that the majority of the feed is comprised of compounds that have little nutritional value to your pet.


Drugs in Pet Food

The regulation on the production and use of pet food prohibits the use of drugs.


Petfood Quality and Vivisection

Evaluating pet food quality doesn’t require vivisection. Normal veterinary investigations such as stool or urine tests are sufficient.

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