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The goal of modern education is the total development of a person’s personality rather than only imparting formal knowledge. It promotes his overall growth. That he can overcome any obstacles in life and also unlocks his inner potential for advancing society. Modern education aims to help students develop human values, a scientific mindset, and a noble character.  Developing moral people who can advance the country, such an educational institution aids in reforming society. The content should create so that students can deal with real-world issues that they encounter on a daily basis.
The purpose of education has  seen not just as a method of making a living or a foundation for life. But as a necessary factor in the entire and orderly growth of the mind and soul of Man, according to Dr. Radhakrishnan, who is explaining modern education.
The development of technology has had a significant impact on our daily lives today. Therefore, it becomes crucial that the educational system. It reorganized as well in order to stay up with the times. In this context, education modernization strives to fill the gap between traditional schooling. What is need in the workplace so that students can receive the essential skills to do everyday jobs more effectively.
At the same time, a focus is to place on developing creative abilities . someone to make a unique contribution to society development. With the help of many extracurricular activities including the art forms, games, special training, library activities, and community service. This form of classroom teaching ensures a student’s whole development. Modern education aims to develop a student’s individuality. Giving them a well-rounded education. He  equipped to handle obstacles in daily life thanks to such education. Which also aids in unlocking latent socially beneficial potential.
The goal of contemporary education is to provide learners with the information they need to succeed in life. After receiving such education, a student will be better equipped to handle obstacles in real life and make meaningful contributions to society improvement. Academic curriculum need to be modernized not simply to keep up with the times but also to better educate students for the rapid breakthroughs in technology. In order to become flexible to changing times, it helps students become skilled at employing both traditional abilities and technical expertise with equal ease.
Future students will appreciate acquiring new skills that will assist them to improve as persons in their various industries, and the school system will become more practical. Due to their flexibility, hybrid modes like blended learning programs may replace the online systems that are now in use. The fundamental issue currently facing all parties participating in educational activities, whether they are teachers or educational institutions, is the absence of common standards.

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