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List of German Magazines

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German is renowned for its media landscape that is vast. Technology and commercial media are not an exception. This is greatbecause it means there’s the perfect publication, whether it’s print or online, that is suitable for anyone. It can be quite difficult to choose the appropriate kind of media outlet for your specific needs, particularly when you’re not a German native speaker.

Deutsche Startups

Deutsche Startups is a business magazine that is published by Alexander Husting and Stefan Vosskotter. It is among the first magazines to cover German startups, the German startup scene, they provide information and facts about the latest developments, news, and investments. Established more than 10 years in the past, the magazine became an important news platform with regards to startup issues and is visited by around 350K every month.


DIE ZEIT is one of the largest and most influential papers in Germany. It is published once per week on a Thursday and is classified as liberal, independent and often in the middle between political views. The paper covers topics across the globe and every aspect of life. If you are featured in an article it is a guarantee that everyone in the country will be reading about your story. Its website gets more than 82 million visits per month and the printed version was read by more than 2.1 million people in the year 2019.

DIE ZEIT is particularly well recognized because of its feuilleton and sections on politics, however one of its strengths can be found in the online and the ZEIT Campus section which is a promising location for startups to establish their businesses.



Grunderszene is the top online magazine covering the scene of startups and its digital economy of Germany. Through stories, news videos, opinions pieces, analyses as well as investigative pieces as well as background stories, Grunderszene is read by two million users each month. Grunderszene collaborates with various media outlets, including DIE WELT, Berliner Wirtschaft and others , which have resulted in articles appearing in these publications as well. A nice amplifying effect for startup news, to put it simply. Grunderszene is also tightly linked by NGIN Food and NGIN mobility Two online magazines which are produced by Vertical Media. They are focused on, surprise food technology, and mobility topics.

The offices that handle editorial content of Grunderszene and Business Insider have been joined (see Business Insider). As a result of this, Vertical Media GmbH was disbanded.


Handelsblatt is an daily publication that reports on economic and financial issues. In 2017 it was named “Europe’s best newspaper” as in addition to being”Europe’s most trusted daily “most trustworthy daily” one year prior. Handelsblatt is among the most prestigious national newspapers for notices that are statutory to the Frankfurter Wertpapiersborse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange). Their website gets greater than 20 million visitors every month and the paper printed was purchased nearly half a million copies during the year.


Horizont is a trade journal covering subjects of advertising, marketing, and media. The publications that are distributed to Germany and Austria have been created by different publishers. The print edition saw 72K in sales in the year the year 2019 and the website has 1.6 million visitors per month. Making your story appear in their daily focused newsletters gives you an additional boost in awareness since they are mandatory readings for many managers on their to-do list.


Impulse is an e-business magazine. That is published monthly and reports on the latest business, management finance and provisions and tax-related issues. It is aimed at mid-sized business owners and sold the magazine 91K copies in its first year. The website attracts 1.4 million users per month. If you’re looking to better understand the German Mittelstand, then you should begin to explore this website.

Internet World Business

Internet World Business is a brand-name journal that is which is published twice a week. The journal is B2B publication targeting those who promote or sell products on the internet. The main topics are online-marketing, internet-based-payment systems, webshop-systems, e-commerce research, internet-related legislation, and trends in the world-wide web. The site has 615K visitors every month and the printed version, which is accessible through subscription only, saw an average of 20K copies in the last year. The daily newsletter is included on the subscription lists of several e-commerce managers in DACH.


LEAD digital is part of Werben & Verkaufen media group however it is more edgy than its parent company W&V. It’s an essential German advertising and business website. That concentrates on digital lifestyles and includes topics related to technology and marketing and job postings in these areas. The site is targeted towards professionals, as well as casual users and has a monthly count of 1,9 million visits.

Manager Magazin

Manager Magazin is a monthly published journal that focuses on corporate reporting and economics. It is part of the German Spiegel Media Group and printed around 500K copies in the year 2000. The online edition has 6.27 million monthly readers.

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