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Key Points to Improve Your Car’s AC Performance

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No one likes to have things heated up, whether it is a conversation or the environment inside your car. However, your car’s air conditioner performs its duty to keep your car’s interior cool while offering you a cosy ride.

Especially, in the hot summer, the air conditioner is not just an addition to the comfort, it has become a necessity.

The air conditioner brings comfort at a cost while taking a toll on your car’s engine. However, you can read about some measures to improvise the cooling efficiency while reducing fuel consumption or eventually diminishing the wear and tear.

Turn On the AC After You Start the Drive

People are often habitual to starting their AC  before they start their drive.

A car’s AC performs efficiently once the engine starts to rev up. While an air conditioner that is turned on before rotation of the crankshaft is usually a waste of fuel and resources. You usually can open the door or other options to ventilate the hot air before starting your drive.

This activity helps you to save on fuel while keeping your car’s AC system away from early wear and tear.

A casual attitude might land you in a problem with an early wear and tear of AC systems. However, if you notice some problem with your car’s AC, Service My Car is a reliable workshop for your car ac repair.

Check Out Your Refrigerant Level Regularly

The system’s refrigerant is a major substance behind the cooling of your car’s interior. However, the excess usage might cause a consistent drop off in the refrigerant level, especially due to the leakage. The low level of refrigerant might lead to a performance decline while a high temperature needs a sufficient level of cooling.

You should keep a check over the coolant level to ensure there is no leakage around the air conditioner system. In case you find a leakage or any other issue with your car’s air conditioner. Service My Car offers you to have your ac gas refill on-demand once you visit for a car service.

Clean Your Car’s AC Condenser Frequently

The condenser performs the duty to change the state of the refrigerant after the process of cooling. It works by passing the heat into the airflow. Thus, there is a high probability of congestion due to dirt and debris if it has not been cleaned for a while now. It requires periodic review as well as cleaning to perform at an optimal level.

You can opt for a service on-demand at Service My Car during routine maintenance, specifically during the summer. Besides, our experts have been delivering valuable services in case you need a car repair or the ac compressor repair.

Scan Your Car’s AC Filter Periodically

A car’s air conditioner does have a filter that cleans the incoming air through vents. As its name specifies, it’s main duty to clean the dust and other outsiders to lessen the contamination of the system. However, it may get clogged over time and may restrict the system to send enough air while hampering the efficiency of the cooling.

A clogged air filter does not bring enough space to pass the air, as well as, the air conditioner has to push the engine. It can genuinely reduce fuel efficiency.

Thus, it is your responsibility to maintain the state of your car’s cabin filter to get the optimal level of performance. Service My Car assists you in keeping your car’s air conditioner services for high-level performance. You can also avail the ac diagnostics to take the preventive maintenance while visiting our workshop during car maintenance.

Utilize the AC with Recirculation Mode

A car’s air conditioner comes with two options- one is recirculation mode and the other is fresh air mode. You can utilize the recirculation mode by using air inside your car to cool down repeatedly.

However, once you start the car, just roll down the car’s windows for some time to draw the fresh air from outside and allow the hot air to escape from the car. It can be done with a sunroof too. Once done, roll up the windows or close the sunroof before turning on the recirculation mode.

However, this method is quite useful in case of the raised temperature outside as your car’s air conditioner has to draw the fresh hot air from outside regularly before cooling it down. The recirculation mode cools the air, which has been circulated inside the car.

Besides, the routine maintenance also increases the efficiency of your car’s air conditioner. However, it should be performed by a trusted mechanic such as Service My Car.

Protect the Windows with Reflective GlassThe reflective glasses do a lot of help when it comes to blocking the burning sun rays. They reduce the heat transmission inside your car while protecting your car’s glasses.

If the car does not get heat transmitted inside the car, the air conditioner will work more efficiently as well as in less time. Some car owners prefer car tinting to protect their car from the heated sunlight.

The Service My Car offers such techniques at very affordable rates. However, you can save on fuels with increased efficiency.

A car’s air conditioner is quite an essential component in case of a comfortable ride during summer while it puts a load of pressure over the engine. However, you can take preventive measures to upkeep the efficiency of your car’s air conditioner. Service My Car has served a huge number of satisfied customers and has assisted them to maximize the efficiency of their car’s air conditioner performance.

If you need any type of car service in Dubai, Service My Car provides you free pickup and delivery plus full car servicing at the nearest car maintenance service in Dubai

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