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Joe Cianciotto Harps on Neo-Futurism to Make Sustainability Possible in Architecture

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Architecture is not just about the creation of a structure but ensuring the adornment is amalgamated with functionality. This discipline has morphed from time to time. While the modernism phase kept the function before the design, the neo-futurism phase focuses on the design of the constructed structure. Certainly, it does not neglect the functionality, informs Joe Cianciotto, whose works are a reflection of neo-futurism, modernism, and postmodernism.

Emergence of neo-futurism

It was in the early 21st century that neo-futurism made its emergence in architecture with the intention to exercise sustainability through the use of new materials and modern technology. This came as a repulsion to the post-modern phase in architecture which aimed at unrealistic and unattainable goals. It was around the 1960s that postmodernism made its first appearance but studies reveal that right from its onset, it faced a lot of skepticism because of its unreachable aims.

The core idea of neo-futurism

The Avante-grande designs of neo-futurism resort to such styles which are far from the conventional rectangular or square designs. The structures created under this category of architecture are known to exhibit more non-rigid and flowy structures. Often the places that have such buildings in the surroundings look like they have come out of some sci-fi movie. The crux of any neo-futurism-based piece of architecture would never deviate from bringing about sustainability while maintaining the functionality of the building simultaneously.

Features of neo-futurism

Some of the primary features of neo-futurism shared by Joe Cianciotto include the following:

  1. Presence of twists and curves. There is a marked spiraling effect in the making of such structures.
  2. Human values form a significant part of this style of architecture.
  3. The modern sleek look is achieved by the use of materials such as steel, aluminum, and glass, which are a deviation from the conventional.
  4. Buildings made on the basis of neo-futurism are made hi-tech with the increased inclusion of modern technology.
  5. Owing to the consideration of human emotions in the making of these structures, each building constructed by virtue of this style is absolutely unique and state-of-the-art.

Some of the present-day buildings built on the model of neo-futurism that are eye-catching and mention worthy are – The London Riverside Museum and the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin.

Being an architect Joe Cianciotto finds the neo-futuristic style of architecture very interesting and satisfactory in being able to add class and gait to a particular area while not compromising on its functionality in any way. He further adds in his sharing about the architecture style that it gives him immense delight that he is able to exercise his love for gadgets.

He also speaks very highly of the neo-futurism architectural style as it is an attempt to ease the means of achieving modernity and sustainability within society. The automated tools and designs as well as the latest technologically advanced gadgets make the construction business a much more lucrative and interesting industry to take up as a profession.

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