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How to Tell If You Need Orthodontic Treatment

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If you’ve never seen an orthodontist, then you’re probably wondering what they do. Orthodontists are specialists who focus on correcting teeth alignment problems. This may involve braces, retainers, or other corrective measures. Orthodontists can also provide advice on oral hygiene and preventative care. Everyone should see an orthodontist at some point in their life – here’s why.


What are the signs that you may need orthodontic treatment?

If you’re not sure whether you need orthodontic treatment, there are a few things you can look for. Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Your teeth crowd together or overlap when you bite down
  • You have difficulty chewing or biting food
  • You have spaces between your teeth
  • Your teeth fit together abnormally when you bite (an overbite or underbite) 
  • Your jaw pops or makes sounds when you open and close your mouth
  • You have persistent headaches or pain in your jaw joints (TMJ) 



How do braces work to correct teeth alignment issues?

Braces work by gradually shifting teeth into the correct position. This is done by attaching brackets to the teeth and connecting them with wires. The wires are then tightened or loosened in order to move the teeth. Braces can be worn for several months to a few years, depending on the severity of the alignment issue.


What are the benefits of getting braces as an adult?

There are many benefits of getting braces as an adult. You can improve your smile and your overall dental health. Braces can also help with chewing and speaking. They can also help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. If you have problems with your teeth, getting braces can help to fix them. There are many different types of braces that you can choose from. You should talk to your dentist about which type of braces would be best for you. Getting braces as an adult is a great way to improve your smile and your overall dental health! 


What are some common myths about braces that people often believe?

There are many myths about braces that people often believe. Some common myths include:

-Braces are painful

-Braces are only for kids

-Braces will take a long time to work

-You can’t eat certain foods with braces

-Braces are expensive

All of these myths about braces are false! Braces actually aren’t painful, and they can be worn by people of all ages.


How long will treatment take, on average, and what should you expect after your braces come off?

The average treatment time for braces is about two years, but this can vary depending on the severity of your case. After your braces are removed, you will need to wear a retainer to maintain the results of treatment. Wearing a retainer is typically recommended for at least six months, but some patients may need to wear it for longer. Your orthodontist will give you specific instructions on how long to wear your retainer.



If you’re not sure whether or not you need orthodontic treatment, look for the signs we’ve outlined in this post. braces work to correct teeth alignment issues by gently moving them into the desired position over time.

The benefits of getting braces as an adult can include a better bite, improved oral health, and a more confident smile. While some people may believe there are downsides to wearing braces (such as having to eat differently), the truth is that most people adjust well and see significant improvements in their overall appearance and quality of life.

Treatment typically lasts around two years, but it’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s experience is different. After your braces come off, it will likely take some time for your teeth to settle into their new positions – be patient and continue following your orthodontist’s instructions for the best results! If you live in Indore and are looking for the best orthodontist in Indore, visit Bhardwaj Dental Clinic today – our team would be happy to help you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve.

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