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How to Stop Feeling Anxious Right Now

by aditi singh
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While it’s acceptable to be worried about a big event or a big change in your life, around 40 million people suffer from a social anxiety or anxiety disorder which is really more than just the odd concern or panic. Anxiety disorders may range from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), that is excessive concern that you can’t even control, through panic disorder, that is characterized by abrupt bouts of terror, shaking, heart palpitations, sweating, or trembling.

Those suffering from an anxiety problem should consider long-term anxiety management techniques such as medication or talk therapy. Other approaches to lower stress & anxiety through lifestyle changes include eating a very well diet, reducing alcohol & caffeine, & making time for yourself.

In this blog, we will see ways to reduce anxiety:-

1.Stop caffeine consumption

Caffeine is widely recognized for its ability to cause anxiety. However, drinking coffee these days has become a habit for many people that  they frequently forget how sensitive they are.


When I am feeling worried or anticipate feeling uncomfortable, such as before taking public transit, I make a deliberate choice to quit consuming coffee. This also applies to caffeine containing soft drinks.

2.Avoid alcohol

Anxiety may be so intense that you may feel compelled to drink liquor to assist you calm.

Despite its potential to be effective in short term, boozing alters the serotonin levels and neurotransmitters within the brain, exacerbating your symptoms. If the alcohol goes wrong, you may experience much more worried.

3.Start writing your worries

The most frustrating components of anxiousness is not understanding why you are worried in the initial place. You may be resting on a beautiful hill top with a cold breeze & still be concerned for no apparent reason.

And that is when writing comes in handy. It may be an excellent method to express yourself, especially if speaking out loud is difficult.

According to research, maintaining a diary is a good method to deal with unpleasant emotions and can assist reduce stress.

Another study discovered that nervous test candidates who wrote notes on how they feel & what they think before the assessment scored better compared to those who didn’t.

4.Use a good fragrance.

The relaxing qualities of lavender are widely recognized. Keep a tiny lavender oil bottle for the aroma, just in case you get nervous thoughts.

Try inhaling lavender throughout your meditation or mindfulness practice. Over the time, you’ll link that aroma with relaxation, providing it more beneficial.

5.Talk to friends

If anxiety is interfering with your ability to perform, you should consult a medical expert. However, conversing with friends may also be beneficial. I have stress disordered pals as well. When I’m extremely down, I write them a note explaining how I’m doing.

They may have a fresh hack I can attempt, or they may have identified anything that may have functioned as a trigger. However  sometimes it’s simply great to rant to a person who understands how I feel.

6.Believe in the Law of Impermanence

Every day, I utilize positive thoughts to help me control my mood. Whenever I’m feeling apprehensive, I also say a different phrase to myself.

“There is nothing permanent in this world.”  I’ll say myself. This makes me feel more at ease, especially when I am on the cusp of an anxiety attack. I often tell myself that I have survived anxiety attacks earlier in my life and that everything will be OK if I’m patient and maintain my calm.

7.Do exercise

When you have anxiety, it is sometimes due to an accumulation of adrenaline. Just a short stroll will help burn off some of that additional adrenaline.

I become worried when I don’t move around sufficiently in a day, therefore walking is a great method to burn off surplus energy.

Walking outside can help boost your mood. According to a study, those who went on walking excursion in a woodland region produced less stress levels than those who stayed in the city.

8.Drink sufficient water to stop feeling anxious

You may be unaware, but not staying hydrated might exacerbate your anxiety and depression. Heart beats can be caused by dehydration. It can result in panic attack, which can set off an uneasy feeling.

Relax for a few seconds & drink a huge glass of water to feel better.

9.Take bath

Do you notice that your nervous thoughts are affecting you both mentally and physically? It is a regular occurrence, and it may become a vicious cycle, finding it challenging to rest if the body is stiff.

A warm bath with some Epsom salts is excellent for calming your muscles and, by extension, your mind. A bath is indeed beneficial for inducing concentration.

10.Eat what you like

I sometimes get so caught up in my workday that I skip meals and whole day without eating anything the body and mind becomes tired.. It’s a simple blunder to make, & I frequently forget to eat until I suddenly feel scared or worried.

Lower blood sugar levels can cause nervousness, irritability, and anxiety. Eat something simple to digest, such as a fruit. Then, eat a well-balanced dinner that includes protein, carbs, and veggies.


There is no fast treatment for worry or anxiety, and it might feel a battle at times. However, by becoming aware of what triggers your symptoms & seeking medical attention, you can control them.

The techniques mentioned in this blog, may work right immediately for you and it is essential to keep practicing them. This is one can stop feeling anxious and reduce anxiety.

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