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How To Rig Your Ice Fishing Rods And Reels Like A Pro!

Get The Most Out Of Your Ice Fishing Rods and Reels With These Tips!

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Ice Fishing Rod

No distinct than in open water, every journey on the ice is unique: we fish at distinct depths, with distinct lures, for distinct species, on every occasion we project at the ice. As a result, each angler has to very own a primary arsenal of ice rods and reels on the way to cowl the standard contingencies they’ll face all through the hard water months. Let`s start with the aid of using dissecting the problems surrounding rod, reel, and line choice for ice fishing.

Ice Rods 101

four fishing rods in the snow.

Just as while fishing open water, the variables we want to not forget while choosing an ice rod are period, electricity, and movement. Of those, the period can be the maximum huge distinction among soft- and hard water rods; even as an extended rod for bass fishing may make bigger into the eight- to the nine-foot range, the longest rod you`re in all likelihood to ever string up for ice fishing is forty-eight inches long, and maximum could be considerably shorter. To a sure extent, rod period correlates together along with your goal species: maximum panfish rods fall into the 20- to 30-inch range, walleye rods are often 32- to 36-inches long, and apex predators, like pike and lake trout, are frequently great pursued with rods which are 40- to forty eight-inches long.

Secondary attention is whether or not you propose to fish in a safe haven or outdoor, uncovered to the elements. Most safe haven-certain anglers will pick out rods at the shorter quit of the everyday species range, definitely due to the confined actual property to be had in the confines of a flip-over or hub. In contrast, high-mobility fishing outdoor in a safe haven poses no rod period restrictions.


Power and movement are frequently used incorrectly as synonyms, due to the fact, in reality, those phrases describe essentially special rod characteristics. The electricity score of a rod – inclusive of the mild, medium, or heavy – describes the everyday weight in an effort to reason a rod to flex. Thus, a rod with an ultra-mild electricity score, which an angler may pick out for supplying tiny tungsten jigs to shallow panfish, could be flexed via way of means of a long way much less weight than could reason a medium or heavy electricity rod to bend.

The common trap weights indexed at the clean are an awesome indication of that rod`s electricity. The movement of a rod describes the location alongside the clean wherein the number one bend or flex will occur. Think approximately movement in phrases of the rod`s “spine” – a fast-movement rod can have its number one flex factor near the tip, and as a result, possesses an extended, stiff spine for effective hooksets.

In contrast, a rod with mild movement can have its flex factor farther down the clean, toward the handle, wherein a much less large spine can act as a powerful shock-absorber to cope with unpredictable surges from large predators.

Get Tips On How To Pick The Perfect Fishing Rod 

Shallow water panfish lures in a tackle box.

Three training reels are beneficial on the ice. Traditional spinning and baitcasting reels convey the maximum of the load, and in reality, a number of your open-water reels also can be very powerful in a hard water setting. Typical 500- to 1000-collection spinning reels with an easy drag will cowl many panfish and walleye applications. Remember that a small spool diameter will result in a good-sized quantity of unproductive line coil in monofilament and heavier fluorocarbon lines, which makes the road tough to control because it comes off the spool, and additionally produces fish-repelling trap spin as soon as the bait is withinside the water.

As you pass as many as large goals and longer, heavier-energy rods, you must transition to large, 2000-collection spinning reels. Frequently, anglers concentrated on lake trout in deep water, or big pike withinside the shallows, will advantage from the usage of conventional baitcasting reels, each for his or her capability to preserve and control heavier line in addition to their cap potential to retrieve good-sized lengths of line with most effective an unmarried revolution of the reel`s handle. An area of interest institution of hard water anglers are devotees of in-line reels.

These big-spool reels take a seat down under the rod, wherein a spinning reel could generally be mounted, however, retrieve line without inflicting it to curve as it’s far deposited at the spool, just like a baitcasting reel. Large-arbor, in-line reels are usually used to hastily install small- or medium-sized baits to the depths whilst minimizing fish-repelling bait spin as soon as the trap is withinside the water.


Line choice for ice fishing calls for anglers to don’t forget numerous elements which might be specified relative to open-water shows. First, due to the fact, that their pastime ranges are typically lots deeper than generally determined withinside the hotter months, fish will frequently spend a large amount of time examining a trap or bait earlier than committing to the strike. As a result, we need to stay bait to swim as obviously as feasible even as minimizing line visibility.

These elements lead many anglers to choose a thin diameter, one hundred percent fluorocarbon chief, or primary line while chasing fish under the ice; a 2- to 3-pound check is standard for panfish, even as 6- to 8-pound check is standard for walleyes. Fluorocarbon will even sink quicker than monofilament, handing over baits to fish earlier than they swim away, and soak up some distance much less water than both mono or braided lines, making fluorocarbon much less prone to turning into stiff or frozen while arctic winds blow.

young girl ice fishing.

Deep-water shows frequently name for a braided primary line to make sure effective hooksets at lengthy distances. Pick an eight-strand braid with a decent weave to reduce water absorption, or a braid that has been handled with a water-repellent coating—particularly while fishing outdoor in the warm temperature of a shelter.

Now that we recognize the parameters, let`s take a look at 5, not unusual places hard water shows and the high-quality rod-reel-line aggregate for each.

Tips for Fishing for Panfish in Shallow Waters

Early withinside the ice season, many high-satisfactory panfish stay in tremendously shallow water – frequently eight toes deep or less – and might be carefully related to remnant inexperienced weeds. Fish will linger in those popular regions till thick ice and snow cowl limit winter`s restrained daylight, turning inviting inexperienced weeds right into a fish-repelling, decaying brown mass.

man and young girl fishing in the ice.

A unique and efficient manner to goal those shallow panfish is through sight fishing: peering down the hollow without delay on the bait, and putting the hook as quickly as it disappears from view. Anglers will commonly fish inside a refuge whilst sight fishing, which enables them to reduce glare and maximize visibility underneath the ice. Using a high-comparison bait – like a tungsten jig dressed with big, white waxworms – additionally makes it simpler to decide whilst a chew has occurred.

Key to the sight fishing presentation is the right duration rod, in order that the angler can easily maintain the rod deal with and appearance down vertically from the rod tip, into the water, and right all the way down to the bait. Indeed, the great sight-fishing rods are short – 20 inches is the precise duration – and feature mild or ultra-mild electricity coupled with rapid or extra-rapid action. Pair this rod with a 500-collection spinning reel and spool up with 2- to 3-pound check fluorocarbon for the remaining thin water panfish combo.

Suspended Crappies

Even earlier than smooth water turns crunchy, an extensive fraction of a lake`s crappie population – particularly lots of the bigger fish – will gravitate in the direction of number one basin areas, often 25- to 40-ft deep. These crappies will droop close to the rims of the basin, roaming in big faculties that feed excessive withinside the water column on baitfish, or in the direction of the lowest larval sorts of aquatic insects. Sonar is prime to locating and concentrating on those fish, as the colleges are fairly celled underneath the ice, and may feed at truly any depth – from five ft underneath the ice all of the manners to the muddy bottom.

Crappie-particular rods are probably 28-inches lengthy for shelter-certain anglers, and as much as 32 inches lengthy for hollow hoppers. Look for a medium-mild strength rod and a sensitive, excessive-carbon clean with rapid or extra-rapid motion which can discover panfish bites in deep water and nevertheless supply powerful hooksets. A 750-collection spinning reel is a superb desire for crappies, particularly while spooled with skinny diameter braid – pick one with the identical diameter as 4- to 6-pound take a look at mono – related to a 6-pound take a look at fluorocarbon leader.

Jigging Spoon Walleyes- Why You’ll Love Them!

There isn’t any greater conventional hard water walleye presentation than a jigging spoon dressed with a minnow head. From the windblown expanses of Devil`s Lake to the well-known Mille Lacs mudflats to the western basin of Lake Erie, greater walleyes are flopped onto the ice due to jigging spoons than possibly another unmarried lure.

A finely-tuned combination for providing jigging spoons will deliver greater iciness walleyes topside. Start via way of means of choosing a 36-inch rod that has medium strength and rapid action. We`re searching out a rod that has the ideal mixture of sensitivity for strike detection, enough spine to set hooks into bony mouths, but sufficient forgiveness and flex to control the headshakes of a big, indignant walleye. Pair this rod with a 1000-collection spinning reel with an easy drag, and spool up with 6- to 8-pound check fluorocarbon which gives a bit greater stretch and forgiveness than braid whilst minimizing line visibility.

ice fishing gear in the snow.

What’s The Trick To Catch Walleyes On A Dead Stick?

Dead-sticking walleyes are an exceptionally powerful manner to seize fish which can be first of all attracted to the erratic motion of a jigging spoon, however, are unwilling to assault an exceptionally cellular lure. Offer the identical walleyes a clean target, like a vulnerable, free-swimming minnow, and you`ll convert lots of the one’s lookers into biters. The lifeless-stick approach really refers to supplying a stay minnow nearby, and on the identical or comparable depth, to an actively-labored jigging spoon. Call the fish in with the spoon, and get them to chew the minnow; that is the hardware model of bait and switch.

The key to powerful lifeless-sticking is to save you the walleye from feeling any stress from the rod till it`s too late. Thus, anglers will frequently pick rods that can be 36-inches lengthy or longer, with medium-mild strength and mild motion. A soft, sluggish clean like this can flex pretty conveniently and provide minimum resistance because the walleye swims away—till the fish has repositioned the bait and the hook factor is poised to chew. A 1000-collection spinning reel spooled with limp 4- to 6-pound-check fluorocarbon will have you ever for your manner to lifeless stick success.

The Art Of Deep Jigging For Lake Trout

From the Great Lakes to excessive mountain reservoirs and the desert lakes of Manitoba, huge wintry weather lake trout provide a real trophy fishing revel that has surged into the collective attention of ice anglers. Lakers fluctuate appreciably from different hardware objectives in that their hobby tiers below the ice will often exceed their common smooth water disposition. In this manner, competitive strikes, prolonged battles, and fish that slightly squeeze via a 10-inch hollow may be the norm, in preference to the exception.

Leave the panfish wands and the walleye sticks at domestic whilst chasing lakers. Instead, choose rods that are 42- to 48-inches lengthy with a medium-heavy or heavy strength score and slight to slight-rapid action. We`re searching out a rod that can cope with an effective fish withinside the 15- to 30-pound elegance, this is able to effective, line-peeling surges again to the depths.

Equip the rod with a 2000-collection spinning reel or a bait caster, relying on the placement of the reel seat relative to the road guides. Spool up with the 30-pound-check braided line, and fix a 15-to 20-pound check chief of 100% fluorocarbon to hook and land the sort of magnum sight feeders of the deep.

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