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How To Promote Your Music Online on YouTube [Strategies]

by Beverly M. Pearson
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How To Promote Your Music Online on YouTube [Strategies]

Any music video’s success will be determined by the first 24 hours, so focus all of your promotion efforts on that first day.

The subscribers to your channel will instantly receive a message when your video becomes live once you’ve uploaded it. That’s helpful, but keep in mind the Law of Seven.

Every video posting demands social media shares and mass emails. Consider spreading out the communications so as not to overwhelm fans across several platforms at once.

How to promote your music online on YouTube

Throughout the entire workflow, from the time the video is being created until it is published, your marketing efforts should be taken into consideration. Promotion ought to be…

  • in your music video stuff that is “hard wired”
  • taken into account when you post, such as keywording
  • using YouTube tools like cards and end screens to add
Have a distinct CTA (call to action). Request their subscriptions, website visits, and comments (this is how you go viral).
  • Invite people to provide feedback
  • Give each comment an answer and a follow-up question.

You can overlay a bunch of free “ring the bell” animations “in Post” (when editing).

I actually hold the opposite opinion when it comes to musicians begging for subs. I doubt more than 1 in 1,000 will answer since it’s not cool. Justin Bieber doesn’t seem to be asking for subtitles (he already has 64 million though).

Include your CTA (call to action) in the dialogue if you are speaking on the video for a much stronger message.

Optimization of graphics and marketing

The headline, the thumbnail, and the description are the three sections you should pay attention to.

These three factors will have the most influence on whether YouTube visitors click on your music videos long before they hear your music.

Do keyword research and incorporate certain keywords into your titles.


Do your viewers watch on a computer or a television? Make your thumbnails click-through-optimized across all platforms. The most critical gadget to target nowadays is mobile.


Essentially, they are keywords. It’s unclear what role tags play in ranking. Although I’ve conducted A/B tests both with and without them, the datasets are too tiny to conclusively determine whether they fall under the acceptable range of error. Because YouTube hides the tags input below the fold and requires a click to uncover it, I get the impression that they are not significant. That makes me think that tags might eventually be phased out. In any case, your title and description fields should contain all of your keywords. Those must carry more weight since they are more obvious.

The practise of “keyword stuffing” tags is likely to do more harm than good.


Within the first 24 hours, heavily promote YouTube videos via email and push notifications. Share on Facebook and Twitter. Short- to medium-term popularity will be determined by success within this time frame.


View your statistics analytics on YouTube


On a music video, engagement typically takes the following shapes:

  • either a thumbs-up or -down
  • Social networking
  • Subscribing
  • Commenting
  • Favourites

Google Resources

Google offers a set of tools to aid content producers in the creation and analysis of their work.


  • You can… on YouTube Studio.
  • playlists and content
  • Make your channel unique.
  • go over user comments on your videos
  • Analytics


You’ll spend the majority of your time working on analytics. It displays analysis that will serve as a great manual for your next publications.

You may monitor your overall view count, the number of active users, the most popular videos, and other information on YouTube Analytics.

Details in full here

Third-party resources

There are more options besides Google Analytics. For more comprehensive tools,

  • You receive keyword ideas from TubeBuddy.
  • socialblade

Include marketing throughout the entire workflow, and include a call to action in the headline, thumbnail, and description of each page. Encourage participation and use all available analytical tools to advance.

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