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How to prevent data leakage

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Data leakage is one of the worst things that can happen to a business. Modern businesses, whether they operate remotely or from the offices, perform mostly digitally. Due to that, the digital era is the time when sensitive data is generated more than ever. Security breaches and data leakage can destroy the business, its reputation, and its customers. Therefore, you need to work on security and find ways to prevent it.
Numerous data types, such as company or customer information, analytics, and plans can be leaked or stolen whether you store them physically or digitally. So, how do you actually prevent your date from getting in the wrong hands?

1. Limit access to valuable data

Each company should have data handling policies that ensure everything is up to the protocol. However, should every employee have the access to every type of data? Not necessarily. No matter how much you trust your employees, mistakes, whether they are intentional or not, can happen, which can endanger data!
So, to minimize human errors, limit access to valuable data. You don’t need every department to have insight into people’s salaries, sick leaves, projects, etc. Therefore, creating share-points, with limited access ensures each employee can access information on a need-to-know basis which allows them to complete their assignments, tasks, and duties.

2. Secure backups

It’s commonly known that businesses generate a huge amount of sensitive data daily. Such information needs to be stored safely on a cloud or hardware server. Each of them has its pros and cons when it comes to data leakage and security breaches. So, what can you do to ensure it doesn’t happen?
Create backups of your data that are locally secured. Learn about cloud computing and how it can benefit your business and its security. Create multiple backups for your data and ensure they aren’t visible to the public. Frequently testing the efficiency of those backups ensures they aren’t prone to leakage.

3. Monitor network access

One of the easiest ways for hackers to get into your system is through unsecured networks. In companies with fewer employees, monitoring everyone’s activity and traffic makes it easier to spot suspicious activities and potential threats. In larger corporations, having software to do it for you is essential. Hackers are aiming at those companies with weaker protection systems, where hacking and stealing data is easier. So, monitor network access.
When it comes to remote work, monitoring can be trickier. So, advise your employees to use a secure network that doesn’t display their IP address. Public cafés and open WIFI networks make your employees an easy target for hackers.


4. Encrypt communication and exchange

One of the main ways data leaks from your company is through communication. Perhaps someone sent a confidential file they shouldn’t, or sent an email with information that is only available to the employees of the company. If such information gets into the wrong hands, your company is in danger! So, what do you need to do?
When it comes to external communication, don’t allow your employees to send files from their computers. On the other hand, in a lot of cases, internal communication is also an issue. Consider using programs with an encrypted exchange that keep your employees safe no matter what. Find out more here about the benefits of such software and how they can protect your company.

5. Educate your employees

When it comes to technology and data, employees can sometimes be your weakest link. Older employees who didn’t grow up with technology can unintentionally jeopardize your entire business by sending sensitive data, allowing third parties to access their information, or using unsafe networks. That’s why educating your employees on these matters is crucial.
Organize a training or a course for all your employees where you’ll introduce them to the risks and threats of data breaches. Don’t neglect to mention all the ways they can protect their data. Help them create passwords for their computers and secure their IP addresses with VPNs and similar software for protection.

Wrapping up

Data leakage is one of the most dangerous means of security breaches for a company. If you want to ensure your business’s safety, follow these tips to protect you and your employees from misuse. The more security you implement in your business, the less the chances of data leakages and other internet threats.

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