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How to Potty Train Rottweiler Puppies: Your Guide to Success

Train Rottweiler Puppies

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How to Potty Train Rottweiler Puppies: Your Guide to Success

At times, it’s difficult to enforce rules on puppies, especially when all they’ve to do is make puppy eyes to get your surrender. However, potty training is essential; otherwise, you will be cleaning wet and smelly carpets or little parcels of poop for the rest of your dog’s life. How to Potty Train Rottweiler Puppies: Your Guide to Success

The key to successfully housetrain your Rottweiler puppy is consistency. No doubt, house training a puppy is tedious, yet there is no way around it. You must walk your puppy through the routine regularly before they finally get used to it.

This guide lists the different ways you can efficiently potty-train your Rottweiler puppy. How to Potty Train Rottweiler Puppies: Your Guide to Success

Training A Rottweiler

Fortunately for Rottweilers owners, this dog breed is brilliant and always eager to please its owner. Their amiable and loving traits make it very easy to train them, especially when you start young.


Nonetheless, you should establish a relationship of trust with your puppy based on communication and love. Before you begin training, set specific rules for yourself.

  • Firstly, ensure you never lose your temper or become aggressive around your Rottweiler Puppies. Losing your temper never helps; it causes the dog to become distrustful and even makes them obstinate. Patience and firm love are the keys to successful house training.
  • Secondly, don’t rush the process because it will take time. Like a child, dogs need time to learn potty training. Be ready to try more than one method; if it worked for your friend, it doesn’t guarantee it will work for you too.

Now, let’s have a look at some tried and tested housetraining methods:

Method 1 – Set a Timer

Step 1: For this method, you will need a timer, which is readily available in a clock, a watch, or in an alarm clock application on mobile phones or computers. Choose one with a tone loud enough to catch your attention.

Step 2: Usually, dogs defecate thrice a day, but for initial training, it is best to take your dog out to its potty spot or litterbox every hour. Puppies need to go potty or pee every hour, especially after they wake up or eat something. Set your timer for every hour, and when the alarm rings, take your puppy to where you want it to defecate.

Step 3: Choose a place that’s big enough for them and make sure it’s clean, even if not spotless. Give them privacy, but don’t leave without them if they begin to follow you. Stay outside near their spot and allow them their time, at least fifteen minutes.

Step 4: Keep doing this consistently, so the puppy begins to internalize and adopt this routine. Soon enough, you won’t need to take your puppy to the potty; they will be taking themselves!

Method 2 – Employ A Crate

Crates are integral to training any puppy for many reasons, such as traveling, visiting the vet, helping them recover from an injury, or just their general safety on the road or outside. But it is becoming a popular tool for housetraining too.

Let’s see how you can employ it to potty-train Rottweiler dog:

Step 1: Choose a spot for your puppy where it can go and defecate. It shouldn’t be too far from where you’ve set up the crate.

Step 2: Introduce your puppy to the crate and allow them to spend some time there on their own. The crate has to be the right size so that they can turn around, sit down or stand up comfortably. Since dogs are practically den animals, their canine nature allows them to feel secure and safe when they have a place to call their own. It makes it easier for them to begin loving their crate.

Step 3: Crates allow puppies to learn how to hold and control their bladder. They don’t want to create a mess in their comfort spot, so they wait till they’re out of the crate to go potty.

Step 4: Look out for signs that show your Rottweiler wants to go potty. They usually start whining to signal they need to go. When you think that’s the case, immediately open up the crate for them to come out and go to their litterbox or designated spot.

Step 5: Stay patient. Even if sometimes they defecate in their crates, don’t worry because it’s all about consistency, so make sure it doesn’t happen again. Please don’t give them a crate too big for their size, or they’ll find their potty spot in it. Make a schedule and keep track of the time when and if your puppy does the business inside the crate. Don’t let them think it’s okay to mess up their place.

Method 3 – Positive Reinforcement

Step 1: The first step is to find a spot, preferably in your yard or your balcony, where the Rottweiler dog can go for potty. It should be a clean space, not completely isolated, and big enough for your dog.

Step 2: Make the puppy familiar with their potty spot. Put the pup on a leash and walk them outside to their place so that it becomes used to it. Allow them to spend some time there, preferably fifteen minutes, to see if they want to excrete.

Step 3: Keep a lookout for any signal your Rottweiler might give when it wants to go potty. If you think it might do it inside the house, admonish them sternly. Don’t show anger; be firm and shake your head.

Step 4: Hook the puppy to the leash and take it out to the spot so it can defecate. Please give it some privacy but stay nearby during training.

Step 5: This is the most crucial step. Praise them when your puppy goes out to potty and uses only its designated spot. Give them a treat, pet them, and speak sweetly to them to show how happy you are with their behavior. When it’s praised, your Rottweiler will know it did a good job, so they’d remember to do it again.

Method 4 – Use Puppy Pads or Paper

It is not always possible to be at home and present to take your dog out to their potty spot. Sometimes, it’s too late at night or too cold outside for the dog to feel comfortable going out to do their business.

Rottweiler Puppies can be good indoor dogs, so sometimes it’s only feasible to fix them a spot to go potty inside the home. The best way to housetrain them for indoor potty is using puppy pads or paper.

Let’s see how:

Step 1: Find a spot to lay out a puppy pad or paper in your home. Let your dog know it’s for them by encouraging them to become familiar with it. The pad must be placed in a spot easily accessible by the puppy.

Step 2: Look out for any tell-tale sign your puppy might give when it wants to go potty. Initially, putting them on a leash when you take them to potty on their paper or pad would be best.

Step 3: Even if they don’t give a signal for potty, take them to their pad of paper every hour to let them know that this is the only place they’re allowed to wet or excrete.

Step 4: Dispose of the pad and paper as soon as your puppy is done, and replace it with a clean one, so your house doesn’t smell. Move the pad outside once your pup is ready to go out and potty alone. However, only displace a few inches every time so you can train them quickly.

Step 5: Appreciate your puppy every time they use the pad as a part of positive reinforcement. They should feel loved and acknowledged for being able to control.

Conclusion for How to Potty Train Rottweiler Puppies

Rottweilers make excellent pets; they are loyal, loving, and considerate. They’re protective over their people and make wonderful guard dogs which is why many house owners want to keep one around.

Purebred Rottweiler price ranges from $800 to $4,000 due to the effort that goes into breeding and training well-bred Rottweilers. Moreover, Rottweiler Puppies are generally easy to train because they’re eager to learn and want to become their humans’ favorite as soon as possible.

Hence, if you’re planning to housetrain your pup, make the best use of the simple methods and tools mentioned in this article. We hope it turns out to be useful for you and your puppy.

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