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How to Play Fortnite: Save the World—GamersGift

How to Play Fortnite: Save the World—GamersGift

by Gaurav Singh
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Fortnite 1000 V-Bucks Card : Save the World was released in 2017 as a standalone mode. Players in this third-person survival game must cooperate in order to endure the storm. And fight off the ravenous Husks and zombies.

This may sound so simple that you might think you can start playing right away, but the game mechanics and features can become a little tricky for you. So, today, we’ll guide you on how the game starts and the important tricks that you can use for an easy and effective game.

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How the Game starts

Once you buy the Save the World card from Epic Store, you’ll need to download the game, which requires a minimum graphic card (NVIDIA GeForce 510), OS Windows 7 or higher, and an Intel Pentium 4 processor.


After the downloading finishes, the game will take you to the tutorial. You can choose from a variety of game types and customise your hero’s appearance, gear, and other features after finishing the tutorial and beginner missions.

There are four types of hero characters that you can choose from in the game, including the Soldier that uses guns and grenades with a focus on ranged combat.

The Ninja that is pro at hand-to-hand combat and quick moves, the Constructor that focuses on building and defending crowds and structures, and the Outlander that collects resources and scouts the crowd.

Once you select your hero, the game will put you in an extinct world against zombies and monsters, where you have to fight your enemies and save your teammates as well (if you’re playing in a team). In addition, the game will assign you different tasks throughout.

For example, you will be given the task of finding a treasure chest. In addition to gaining experience from completing this task, you will find it much simpler to buy stronger weapons much earlier in the game.

Besides this, you can kill mimics. Once you kill them, you can get plenty of new weapons, in-game items, and V-bucks that can be used to buy Battle Passes and skins.

Tricks for a Better Game Play

  • When you complete the daily challenge, you will receive 50 V-bucks. So, to earn 350 V-bucks in a week, you can do three assignments and receive 150 V-bucks in three days and seven assignments in a week. Moreover, you’ll receive V-bucks as per the difficulty of missions.
  • Complete the tasks that have stated and assured rewards. For example, playing “Rescue the Survivors” not only rewards a large number of survivor experiences but also earns you Survivor Badges and increases your power.
  • Llamas, or Llama Pinatas, are important loot boxes in the game. To get them, you can finish missions or purchase them with 50 X-Ray Tickets. (You can get X-Ray Tickets by finishing your daily three quests.)
  • When you’re playing a solo mission, you can ask the game to assign you Bot Defenders. The game can give you up to three defenders to save you and the objective. You can also revive them.

Some Tricks for a Better Game Play

  • When farming, always keep your profile as private and avoid farming in public missions. To turn your profile into a private one, go to the top right corner’s hamburger or three-line option in the game and choose “Public” below the Party Finder. You’ll see a “Private” option there; click on it and Apply.
  • Make sure to recycle or retire items that are not of much use to you because that will only increase the load of your backpack, resulting in decreased performance. Also, when you find a weapon that is several levels above the one you are using, use it instantly and don’t save it.
  • The game has a Collection Book, through which you can earn rewards. When you collect heroes, weapons, defenders, survivors, schematics, etc. and don’t want to use them anymore in the game, you can add them to the Collection Book and get rewards.
  • You can use traps such as Sound Wall, Ceiling Electric Field, Wall Light, Wall Spikes, and Floor Freeze Trap to trap zombies and stop them from entering your fort or building.
  • Learn to path husks in a way that traps them and saves you in the future as well. Get the Fortnite 1000 V-Bucks Card from trusted online retailer.


The game revolves around survivor tactics in different situations and the tasks that you’ll be assigned. So, Save the World is the perfect game for those of you who love zombie, survival, team-play, solo, and loot games. Also, the game has a farming option as well, which you can use when you run out of resources to combat monsters and zombies.

Overall, the game is easy to understand but not in practice, so get yourself ready to start this survival adventure.

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