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How to Incorporate Deep Links into Your App to Boost App Engagement

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If you haven’t thought about deep linking yet, now is the moment. When it comes to competing with over 2 million apps in the app stores, discoverability is undoubtedly the most difficult code to crack. Getting your app in front of the appropriate people is still the key to turbocharging your user acquisition efforts and increasing engagement and conversions. In fact, deep linking can be the most effective method of re-engaging customers who have churned or abandoned your app.

So, what exactly is deep linking, and how does it help? Most app developers put in a lot of time and money to create a fantastic app. However, they do nothing to promote the software to the appropriate demographic. App store optimization is beneficial, but only when customers actively search for apps in the app store. Most of the time, however, consumers just Google what they want or spend time on social media.

Deep linking can assist you in displaying your in-app content on search result pages as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. If a user searches for “best running shoes,” the best matches from your e-commerce app may appear in the search results. If the customer has your app installed on their phone, clicking on it will send them to that shoe on your app. If the app is not installed, the user will be brought to the app store, where she can download it in one click and then be taken directly to the page with the correct shoe, rather than starting from the app’s homepage and searching anew.

How Can You Incorporate Deep Linking into Your App?


There are numerous tools and methods for integrating deep linking into your app, so browse around and see what works best for you. Google, the most popular search engine, has its own app indexing setup, which you should obviously adopt because Google is the biggest traffic source. The other most popular destination for your potential customers is, of course, Facebook. Thus, Facebook App Links allow you to post your in-app content as timeline posts that users may browse, click, and be sent to the app or app store, depending on whether they have the app loaded or not. Similarly, Twitter App Cards, Bing App Linking, Branch Deep Links, and a few additional services are available. So, let’s look at how to leverage each of these to integrate deep linking into your app and boost engagement.

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According to the study, “by 2022, users in America will have spent more than 200 billion hours on mobile apps alone.” This figure increased from 179.9 billion hours spent on mobile apps in 2020.”

App indexing by Google

Google is used by 96% of mobile users while searching, making it the most important search engine. To emphasize the idea even more, consider this: 51% of users discovered a new product or company after conducting a Google search. I could provide additional statistics, but I think you get the point: Google is important.

Deep linking your app in Google search results is a winning strategy for getting more users to discover your app and re-engaging consumers who downloaded your app but don’t actively use it. Google app indexing allows your app content to appear in Google search results, allowing users to find you directly from the SERPs.

How should it be done?

First, update your Android manifest to support deep links, and then use the Android Debug Bridge to activate deep links. To begin, you will require the following:

  • Android Studio 1.0 or later is required.
  • The code examples
  • Version 2.8 or higher of the Google App

Google Codelabs demonstrates how to deep link your app with Google using sample code for a simple recipe app. You can get a sample code right here, and you can learn more about deep linking on Google Codelabs.

Best Practices

Over time, Google will be able to crawl in-app material to display in search results, and you will no longer be required to submit a corresponding website page to appear in the SERPs. However, for the time being, you must offer a web page.

Using the App Indexing API results in higher SERP listings since it allows you to transmit only the page title and description to Google rather than having it crawl the entire page with web annotations.

To learn more, consult Google’s full documentation for Android deep linking and iOS deep linking.

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Facebook app links

As of June 2022, Facebook had 1.45 billion daily active users, with an average time spent per person of 20 minutes each day. Clearly, the vast majority of your potential users spend a significant portion of their day on Facebook. Using Facebook app deep linking to get your app there can help you target the appropriate individuals at the right time.

Facebook app links appear as personalized newsfeed posts, which makes the promotion appear highly natural and unobtrusive. You also remove additional clicks, preserving maximum user attention and allowing them to engage with you rapidly without dropping off in the middle.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to the Facebook app connection, along with relevant links for more information.

1.    Setup deep linking for iOS and Android

To manage deep linkages, iOS provides developers with the Bolts framework. That can be found on GitHub at https://github.com/BoltsFramework/Bolts-iOS.

Alternatively, extensive lessons on custom URL schemes in Objective-C and deep linking in iOS are available.

You may easily follow the full documentation on Enabling Deep Links for App Content provided by Android.

2.    Install the Facebook SDK.K

Using this extensive instruction, you can install the Facebook SDK, obtain a Facebook app ID, and activate install tracking.

3.    Complete Facebook App Settings

Once the Facebook SDK is installed, enter the deep linking information in your Facebook app settings.

For iOS settings, you must first enter your URL scheme without the http:// prefix. Then, you must obtain your App Store ID from the App Store URL.

To begin configuring Android, discover the class name of the launch exercise in the file AndroidManifest.xml. Your class name become be something like com.example.androidapp.mainActivity.

4.    Set Up Delayed Deep Linking

Deferred deep linking is censorious for targeting customers who have your app installed on their phones. Negotiated deep linking means that your FB post link will take users precisely to the designated product quite than the app homepage.

// Add Bolts.framework to your project (part of the FB SDK)



– (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {

if (launchOptions[UIApplicationLaunchOptionsURLKey] == nil) {

[FBSDKAppLinkUtility fetchDeferredAppLink:^(NSURL *url, NSError *error) {

if (error) {

NSLog(@”Received error while fetching deferred app link %@”, error);


if (url) {

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:url];




return YES;


Following that, you must legalize your deep link disposition and then add deep links to your ad. To collaboration you, Facebook has published a advice on producing app promoting, which you can use for thorough procedure.

You are now ready to share your app’s deep links on Facebook and eye-catchy new users.


Deep connection is no bigger a luxury. It is a must-have if you need to appeal, convert, and keep the biggest users on your app. At Linkitsoft, the above information is an excellent place to start, with plenty of assets for further study

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