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How to Find Summer College Internships?

How to Find Summer College Internships?

by KiranMakhija
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Summer is a time where everyone loves to relax, but the important thing is to prepare yourself for your career. Thus internship comes into picture. Benefits you get from doing internships are gaining work experience and some income. This article will tell you how you should find summer college internships. 


What are Internships?

College Internships are basically doing a corporate job for two to three months. It is a great way to gain experience and insight about the field that will be your future industry. Internships give you a gist of what your career and work would look like. 



Internships are either paid or unpaid. In any case you get the benefit of earning college credit. Earlier college internships were unpaid in exchange for experience. Nowadays paid internships are more common. 


Let’s look at how to find a summer college internship-


1. Start your search for internships early

If you are looking for a paid internship, start your search in advance like six months before. Early applications have an advantage in the internship process since you will get noticed first. So make sure you take advantage of it. 


2. Research about the industries

The benefit of starting early is that you will get time to research about the industry you are interested in. Research about the industry, companies, job roles that you might be interested in. If you are interested in various industries and job roles, you can write down pros and cons for each of them and shortlist the options. 


3. Search job listing sites

Job listing websites like ApplyKart, which is the latest job search platform in Australia can be a useful resource to start your internship search. You can visit their website and type the desired location you want to work in, the title that you are looking for or even the company to see if there is any job opening. 


4. Use your network

Networking helps in finding more opportunities. There are many companies who don’t publicly list their job openings or internships. Your network can help you get there. It will be great to use your networks from the industry that you want to get in. You can ask your professors, classmates, or career counselor to suggest openings to you if they know. 


5. Make an effective resume

Resumes create the first impression in front of the employers. If you don’t have any prior work experience, you can mention your qualifications for the internship you are applying for. If you are a student, include things like relevant subjects that you studied, hobbies, skills, personal traits, and any volunteer work. 


6. Keep applying wherever you are interested in

Even if you don’t get the responses, continue applying for internships. You can also apply in the industries that you canceled out. Just grab whatever opportunity you get. 


7. Talk to employers

Just in case you have a doubt regarding the job posting, you can contact the employer and ask them the questions. This will make a professional impression and you will be able to decide whether you want to go for it or not. Asking thoughtful questions demonstrates that you are interested in the field. 


Final Thoughts

Getting great summer internships requires a lot of backend work like planning and persistence. The process will be challenging but it will be worth the wait. If you are looking for internships, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, or freelance work, you can sign up on ApplyKart. They help for jobs in Melbourne, Jobs in Sydney, or anywhere in Australia. 

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