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How to choose clothes for your body type?

by Abdullah12
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What is the first thing we think of when buying clothes? Yes we buy the clothes in which we wish to look good and we can rock the outfit too. But the problem here rises that people take clothes which are appealing to their eyes, but not to the body. Later, they regret buying it. However, we suggest everyone should buy clothes that suits your body. In this article we are going to discuss how you should decide on your clothing choice which will suit your body shape.

1) For apple shaped body

The apple shaped body is defined as when the upper part of body is broader than the lower parts. For this we suggest that wearing clothes that are beautifully designed on above so the viewers’ attention goes there only. A line Kurtis works really well when they are paired with leggings. When you add a dupatta top, it just makes your outfit look super beautiful. For the color combination you should go for the dark colored tops and light color bottoms.

2) For pear shaped body

Pear shaped body is when the body is slimmer from the top and heavier down. It is one of the most common shapes among women. Lehengas, sarees, and ghararay are some kind of outfit that women with pear shape prefer to wear. Some good and colorful prints on the neckline also compliments the upper part of body.

3) Rectangle Body Shape

Women with rectangular body shapes needs dress that improves and expresses their curves more. This is because there body is less curvy. Your lower body should also be designed heavily so that is looks fuller. To give a look of smaller waist you need to add volume to sleeves. Another way is to make lower body look more circular.


4) Glass body shape

If you have good curves on your body, and your waistline looks good to you surely have a glass   body shape. People with this type of body shape are blessed as they can wear every type of clothing and can still look beautiful. The only advice to them is not to wear loose clothing as that will hide their beautiful assets. They can try Kurtis and Saris as that will suit them the best.


In this article we tried our best to define some body shapes to you. We also wrote few examples of the type of clothing that you can wear. It is not necessary for you to wear those clothing only, but you can understand your body shape and decide yourself too.

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