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How To Buy Industrial Land In Malaysia ?

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Where To Purchase Industrial Land In Malaysia

Considering the current economic climate, purchasing industrial land for sale might be a risky choice. As a shrewd investor, you must abide by a few rules that will enable you to get the best deal whenever you want to purchase land. You can find the best experts in this field if you do a thorough internet search, or you can get in touch with our experts here; we’ll set up a meeting with you to talk further about this.


We’ve compiled a list of the key actions to take in order to successfully demonstrate to you “how to buy a land” in Malaysia. Before purchasing any land in Malaysia, take these steps.

Obtain a copy of the issued title document:

A party may acquire any legal or equitable interest in land by relying on a set of rights known as the title. It is a type of document that the Malaysian government both issues and registers. The first step before purchasing any land, whether in Malaysia or elsewhere, is to obtain a copy of this deed, also known as the issued document of title (or commonly known as land title). The investors who are interested in that specific piece of land can learn crucial information from this document. At the land office, one may conduct a personal or official search. Visit “Land Titles Malaysia” if you want to learn more.


Determine the price.

The cost of a piece of land depends on a number of factors, including its size, location, proximity to a transportation hub, and profitability based on future development and value. There is no doubt that price is a crucial consideration when buying land. Residential and development land are typically more expensive than other types of land (eg. agriculture land). Investors can use the price, which is typically expressed as a “per square foot” unit (e.g., RM380 psf), to compare with the price of nearby land.


The perfect location is crucial! Like housing property, where location may be the main determinant of property price, I bet this is one of the most prevalent factors in land valuation. JP-Land.com only sells land that is in a good location; this ensures that future development will be less expensive and have a higher cost-to-benefit ratio. The minimum requirements include locations with frontal roads and proper development access. The majority of the properties listed are generally flat, though some are marginally hilly. JP-Land.com serves all investors, whether they intend to use the land for small-scale profit-making developments or for individual use. We will make every effort to select and offer only lands with potential. Do not be concerned if the land has an inappropriate or different zoning because JP Land will assist in applying for a rezoning that will benefit investors.

Investigating the land

A certified land surveyor must conduct a thorough analysis of the area, which will highlight all restrictions, services, utility bill collections, public or other privileges, flood risk, etc. Checking the contour of the specific land is required for hilly terrain. Land surveyors play a crucial role in conducting ecological impact studies or feasibility studies on potential sites to determine whether or not plans are appropriate. The Issued Document of Title is frequently out-of-date, and the boundaries of the land have a tendency to change over time. This is one of the main advantages of having the land properly surveyed. Make sure the land surveyor you choose has the necessary accreditation.

Obtain the land plan from the survey department:

When it comes to planning authorization, there are three main situations you might encounter:

1. No planning permission exists for the area.

2. The land has authorization for outline planning.

3. The land has detailed planning permission, which has already been granted for the development for which a package of plans has been offered and approved.

Verify the land’s tenure:

Learn as much as you can about the zoning and classification of the property you are interested in. Check the tenure of leasehold land, Special reserved land, and State/Federal marked land, in particular, and make sure the land is convenient without any kind of restrictions.

Signing a contract with the landowner

Ask the landowner to sign any other required documents in front of your agents and brokers as you sign the sale and purchase agreement. In contrast to the other agreement, when you sign this one, the seller or landowner is not in charge of maintaining the property.

Add the following Private Caveat to safeguard your interest:

A caveat is a warning that a person may have an unrecorded interest in a specific piece of property. The caveator must describe the means and make a claim that his interest will be protected. If the land buyer’s interest isn’t registered with Malaysia’s Land Title office, they won’t have legal authority over that specific piece of land.


Ask the seller what the typical cost of purchase and any associated professional fees are. If you use a broker to complete the transaction, you will need to pay a supplemental fee. Calculate the cost to determine the return on your investment. It is crucial to establish with the local authority that they will eventually permit you to carry out your plan before continuing to purchase that land. Upon full payment of the purchase price, complete Form 14A (Transfer of Land), which must then be sent to the stamp office for review.

Form presentation:

Perform a thorough investigation of the offered land, including address, title, and picture verification. The date of registration will be the day that form 14A is submitted to the land office. The land purchase document must be presented for stamping within 30 days of the deal’s execution, per Malaysian law.

Gathering Land Titles:

Gather it from the land office and store it there. The bank will be responsible for maintaining the title if the land is charged to the bank.


TO LEARN MORE: You may contact with specialist Industrial Malaysia to view the commercial properties.


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