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How to become better with board games?

by Karine2022
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Have you ever got so angry you couldn’t control yourself? Been so irritated that you flipped the table or promised to never play that game again.

If you are a board game player, I’m sure you know that feeling. It’s worse when you call your friends to play with you and it is their first time but they are winning. You start to worry that your friend is cheating and that kind of paranoid feeling starts to eat you alive.

Sometimes your friends and other players try to cheer you up with the words “Next time you will do better”, or “It was okay”, they even sometimes make rude jokes, calling you “a loser”.

And it is like a wake-up call, you understand that really it is the time to become a good player.


If you do something, do it perfectly or at least try to achieve perfection. It is really important when you are a competitive person. If you lose a game all the time, it can affect your psychological health, can affect your self-esteem. So, it’s better to quit or if you decided to continue playing then let’s do it right.

Study like a good student 

Is it possible to do something without knowing the rules? I guess your answer is “no”. So, the first thing you should do and do it carefully is to study the rules. For example, in case of chess try to learn all the openings that are there.

There are a lot of board game books, they are like textbooks, you have to study them as you were studying Chemistry or Mathematics in your elementary school.

Sometimes people can’t play well as they just start playing without thoroughly studying the board games. If you take the games seriously then show your intentions by acting like that.

If you know all the rules you can strategize better. It is simple. Like you can find a place faster and easier in the city you know than that in an unknown city.

So, the key to victory is the knowledge of the rules.

Practice day and night 

Knowing all the rules is the base. Without it nothing is possible, but once you have studied all the rules you can start practicing.


While practicing you can think of various strategies and try to see what pros and cons, they have. You don’t even have to find a partner to practice with, nowadays there are thousands of apps where you can play with anybody in the world or with the computer itself.

There are even apps that after the game, point out your mistakes and explain how you can improve your game.

Attention, please!

When playing, try to forget about everything. Forget about your personal problems, forget that you are hungry now, or what are you going to do tonight. Just be concentrated on your game as much as possible.

Once you start to think about things other than your game you are going to lose. When you play even with all of your friends standing above your head making comments you should be alone in your thoughts, you should imagine that you are in a room with your opponent and a board game and there are no people on the Earth at all.

If you follow these three rules you are going to do better than you did before. Never forget to practice regularly, if you don’t practice for a long time you will forget about the strategies you made or it is possible to repeat the same mistakes again.

And if you don’t want to read books about the rules at least watch videos and then practice.

Board games are good for your brain cells, that’s why you better continue to play, my friend!

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