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How to apply for a Turkish Visa?

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A visa is a type of authority granted by a country to a person to enter their country. A lot of you might confuse between passport and visa. Passport is given by your home country to access you with the permission to go out from the territory, where as visa is the permission given by the country you are going to.

Turkey is a very wonderful country with many tourists visiting every year. They apply for visa for different activities such as studying or looking for a job. Some people also apply for work permit and stay there for at least 1 year.

Who needs Turkish visa?

Every country’s people need to take a Turkish visa to go to Turkey except for few who have good relations with turkey. They are allowed to go Turkey with only their passport. There are two groups of people who need a Turkish passport. One group takes passport for tourism, the other one takes it for any purpose to do in the country like work. Also, there are some categories that might exempt you from both.

Turkish Visa Application

Just like every other country, to enter Turkey you will first have to apply for a visa and complete few steps for application. This needs very much attention because if you submit one wrong document your application might get rejected. The first step is to check that if your country requires the visa or not. If it does then continue following other steps.


Check what type of visa you require. This will be selected upon your requirement. You can apply for business visa, education visa, or even work visa. The other visas are also somehow related to these but they are for tourism as well.

You will have to look for the right time to apply. The Turkish authorities recommend to apply for it at least one month earlier then your trip. They suggest this so if there are any delays or problems in application, it does not affects your trip dates. You can get your visa maximum 60 days before the trip.

After this you need to look for a Turkish embassy in your country because they will process your application.

Your application may take few weeks to be completed. It depends on the country where you are applying from them too. Some countries get answer within 3 days, some applications may take up to 15 working days. Working visa may take 25 working days.


Turkey is a beautiful country. Everyone should once visit to Turkey in their life. This is how you can get your Turkish visa. It is simple and easy. I hope after reading our article you understand how to get your visa for Turkey and when and where to apply for it.

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