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How Tech Startup Leaders Can Make It To The Next Level?

by Scarlett Lennon
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How Tech Startup Leaders Can Make It To The Next Level?

Starting a business startup can take a lot of time. Starbucks took almost a decade to become profitable, but the legendary gourmet coffee company took the long view and devised a good game plan. Initially, Uber tested its transportation strategy in the San Francisco Bay Area. When the leadership realized there was a way to make money, they proceeded to expand. YouTube did not make money for 15 years after debuting as a video dating site over 20 years ago and failing to garner user momentum. However, Google CEO Eric Schmidt saw the potential, directing YouTube to focus on aggressively increasing the service. with the goal of raising playbacks to 1b/day [one billion per day].

Facebook did not make a profit for at least four years. Adding elements that keep consumers interested will be beneficial. Every accomplishment or deficit in a business, including revenue, headcount, product launches, new markets, numbers, and types of clients. It necessitates a quick revaluation of leadership. Ask yourself Do we have the right people, with the right abilities, executing the right jobs to get the firm to the next critical milestone and level?

Are our existing responsibilities in line with the most important business start-up opportunities? Is our work style adequate for the business’s next phase? What changes do we need to make if not? These are the questions you need to ask before getting into your starting your Business Startup.  You will learn all the principles to grow your business in this article.

7 Ways to Take Your Startup to The Next Level

When you ask yourself how your leadership approach needs to change alongside your business, keep these principles in mind: –


1. Growth over Profitability

  • A start-up company needs to determine and focus on profitability early in its life cycle.
  • The method to achieve initial profitability, on the other hand, is market growth and sales growth.

  • The next thing a business should do after it has passed the start-up stage is to identify expansion opportunities.
  • When a company grows, it becomes larger, expands its market, and becomes more successful.
  • The number of employees, market share, and turnover can all be used to measure growth.

2. Scale Effectively

  • During the growth phase, it is critical to produce money, but it is also critical to analyze how a more established brand might help a company grow.
  • Plan out how you will scale up your product in the early stages of development. That is the greatest moment to make any changes and eliminate the pinch spots that are important for scaling and cost control.
  • Review the data collected from users regularly to look for trends that need to be addressed.
  • Furthermore, opting advanced technologies like cloud computing, offers many benefits for businesses, including enhanced team collaboration, and anywhere-anytime accessibility of your work. Alongside, cloud services help to scale up your business, providing far more convenient and cost-effective scalability options for your organization.
  • Moreover, widespread user acceptance and happiness are the keys to a successful technological start-up.

3. Make the Right Hire

  • Early on, establish a small staff of programming engineers and business startup operations personnel.
  • When you have a viable product, you should hire product managers. Bring in a leadership team that can exploit what was built as an MVP throughout the scalable, growth phase.
  • When it comes to moving through the many stages of funding required to meet specific growth milestones, top-notch management is a huge help.
  • That may also necessitate leadership in the form of developing new versions of a product or service until the best outcomes are attained and everyone involved agrees.

4. Keep Up with Market Changes

  • Uber began as Uber Taxi, an app that connected consumers to traditional taxi services.
  • Uber was able to bypass some rules that traditional cab businesses must follow by transforming into the Uber of today. Thousands of people were able to supplement their income by working part-time for Uber.
  • The Uber Eats home delivery service, which had been launched earlier, found its niche, and became extremely popular during the peak of the pandemic in 2020.
  • The takeaway here is that Uber was able to adjust to changing market conditions. It kept their drivers on the job.

5. Do Your Research First

  • First, do deep research. Make a list of the features your product will have. Consider how valuable those features are to potential users or buyers.
  • Ensure the market needs your product or service.

6. Embrace the Data

  • In today’s digital environment, data science, particularly data mining, an interdisciplinary area that uses scientific methods, algorithms, and processes to extract information, has gotten simpler.

  • Early in the process, a data science team should be brought on board to collaborate with business startup operations teams, assisting them in making better informed, data-driven decisions.
  • Crunching numbers to obtain data can help a project stay on track. According to John Bottega of the EDM Council, data science teams need to be proficient in three fundamental areas mathematical, technology, and commercial expertise, regardless of industry.

7. Change Leadership Jobs

  • Even if you do not get a raise or a new business card, your true responsibilities will most likely change as the firm expands or pivots, regardless of how your position is defined now.
  • Even while both occupations have the title customer service manager, managing a team that serves a few dozen clients. differs dramatically from managing a team that serves hundreds.
  • If a member of the team is prepared to work differently regularly, they may need to take on a new role or quit the organization.
  • Successful executives may find this difficult to grasp, but it is like financial disclosure statements. Past performance, no matter how important to the organization, is no guarantee of future success.

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Bottom Line!

A successful startup can expand into a quickly growing firm in a variety of ways. The goal is to establish the correct balance between what you must forego and what you receive in return. If you take on too much debt or abdicate too much management of your business, it can be challenging to maintain your growth trajectory. When you carefully examine all the options for partnering and financing, you will be able to select the exact kind of fuel your business startup needs to succeed.

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