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How Long It Takes To See Invisalign Results

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How Long It Takes To See Invisalign Results Invisalign treatment involves wearing a series of clear, removable aligners that straighten teeth over time. They spare you the hassle of using cosmetically displeasing metal braces with all their wires and restrictions. Invisalign Reviews of clear aligners are practically invisible, and people may not notice them. Wearers can take them off to brush or floss, eat and drink or on special occasions.

The benefits of Invisalign Reviews for treatment are wonderful in theory, but let us visit what real people have to say about its use.

R. T.
What I recall from the treatment is that each week, it felt different when I would bite down. I could tell that my teeth were moving long before I could see any visible differences because of how my bite was. This was pretty encouraging. I think this happened because as my back teeth moved, I couldn’t notice the changes visibly, but as time passed, their movement created space for my front teeth. It was around three months in that I could see improvements. Hang in there; It’ll be totally worth it!

A. N.
When I got to tray four, I attempted wearing my first tray, and it could not fit. This was about a month into treatment because I change trays weekly. I could feel the change in about six weeks, and my friends commented on my teeth without me asking after about eight weeks. Currently on my 66th tray plan, and it’s remarkable how my smile has widened.


I. J.
I am on 18 out of 38, and I can see a huge difference! I used to have a diastema between my two front teeth, and it has gone now. If there was anything that forced me to discontinue treatment right now, I would be decently satisfied. But obviously, I’m going to keep it up because I already paid for the remaining trays, and it can only get better.

K. E.
So, my orthodontist would give me 3-4 trays at each of my two monthly appointments. My favorite thing at the time was to open the last pack to see how much my teeth would have changed by that time. I started noticing a difference at about three months in. By the sixth month, my teeth looked entirely different and so much better. I have 28 trays in total, and I am at my 27th. What I now enjoy is comparing this set to the horror show that was my first try.

J. O.
I could see a tiny bit of change between my first and second trays. I have a serious overcrowding issue, and I can see minor improvements with each new set. However, no one except my husband has commented on the changes, so I don’t think the difference is remarkable. I’m only on my eighth tray now, so I am not worried.

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