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How Is Hiring A Dedicated WordPress Developer Better Than Project Outsourcing?

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Hire Dedicated Developer vs Project Outsourcing

Outsourcing is continuously growing since its phenomenon has evolved and has become an essential part of business strategy. According to Statista, the value of outsourcing services has increased from US$ 45.6 billion in 2000 to US$ 92.5 billion in 2019.

Major companies offer three hiring models to outsource a WordPress developer from their agency. These are time and material, dedicated team, and fixed-cost hiring models.

As everything has benefits and drawbacks, every hiring model has pros and cons. This blog will discuss how a dedicated developer hiring model is better than a project model.

Why Choose The Dedicated Developer Model

The solution to the mentioned-above problem is hiring through a dedicated developer model. Here, you choose a team and have complete control over it, aside from gaining other advantages, such as:

  • In-Depth Knowledge

When you hire WordPress developers through this model, you know about their experience and expertise. A proficient developer can assist in end-to-end development, from planning, designing, development, and implementation to maintenance. They also can focus on a customer-centric approach.

  • Technical Support

An experienced WordPress developer can use their in-depth knowledge of the technology to solve any problems with efficiency and accuracy. As a result, you can easily avoid waiting and wasting valuable hours in downtime.

  • Flexibility

Hiring professionals through this model means you can hire WordPress developers based on your requirements. You can choose to employ through hourly and monthly pay models based on your project and needs. Additionally, as per your project’s status, you can hire full-time, part-time, or project-based WordPress developers.

  • Customization

A dedicated developer can ensure the first glance into your business is accurate and provides the correct information about you. They provide detailed customization to meet company needs. By applying brand strategy, business goals, and principles, your WordPress developer ensures that your website accurately reflects your business philosophy and nature.

Outsourcing Project-Based Model

Under this model, the business hires a third party for the entire project at a fixed-cost contract. It is also known as the fixed-cost hiring model. Although it has its advantages, this model may create problems down the line for the following reasons:

  • Can’t Get All Project Details

Hiring WordPress developers through this model becomes difficult, as no matter how deeply you analyze, you may miss specific details before the project starts. Hence, there’s a chance of missing out on certain aspects. It may limit you because of the fixed-price agreement.

  • Project Understanding Gaps

The issue of communication may trouble you every day. When communicating complex project requirements, how can they disappear? And by this, we don’t mean outsourcing has no benefits, but there could be communication and management problems.

  • No Control Over Everyday Project Functioning

You may not be aware of changes in the WordPress development company’s team members. Hence, the lack of control could be an issue and lead to late project delivery. You may get to know about the project delay when it’s too late for you. 

  • Project Requirements Changed, Cost Renegotiation

When you opt for this model, you may have to pay any amount the vendor asks, as you can’t risk missing out on anything. But the solution to this problem is to keep a favorable clause in the contract. Hire agencies that understand rapidly changing engagement models.

  • Data Confidentiality

With limited control over the team, the security of your company information will always be compromised. This is especially true since you have no direct control over the company’s security maintenance. However, a white-label contract with a defined NDA and detailed documentation can ensure complete company security.

Wrap Up!

Based on the reasons mentioned above, it is evident that hiring a dedicated WordPress developer is better than Project outsourcing. However, it does not mean that the project outsourcing model has no benefits. You should hire WordPress developers that best fit your project needs and budget.

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